Creepy Joe Caught Asking Little Girl To ‘Hang With’ Him in His Private White House Office

Fact checked
Joe Biden caught inviting little girl to hang out with him at the White House

Joe Biden on Thursday was caught attempting to lure an underage girl into the White House during a “Take Your Child to Work Day” greet on the South Lawn.

The creepy President just couldn’t help himself.

“Come here, you hang with me for a minute and—oh, you don’t want to go in the White House?” Biden said to a clearly distressed girl.



  1. They will legalise it. And they ekll prosecute in post change exactly as they did here when they RAISED the age of consent for boys from 14 to 16 and then charged jailed and ruined the lives of people whose behaviour was legal at the time They accepted no responsibility as the enablers and facilitators of the crimes. That’s what they’re like.

  2. No responsible parent would allow their young children within ten miles of this disgusting creep.

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