Global Population Reduced by 1 BILLION Since 2021 – Media Blackout

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A disturbing new analysis has revealed that the globalist elite have already murdered one billion people in cold blood since the Covid plandemic was unleashed on an unsuspecting world in January 2020.

A disturbing new analysis by the COVID Blog has revealed that the globalist elite have already murdered one billion people in cold blood since the Covid plandemic was unleashed on an unsuspecting world in January 2020.

For years now the globalist elite have been telling us about their plans to depopulate the Earth from 8 billion people to just 500 million, but most people have preferred to cover their ears and pretend nothing is awry. Unfortunately for the sheeple, the days of being able to pretend everything is OK are rapidly coming to an end.

You won’t hear about this on mainstream media. In fact, mainstream media has been enlisted to do everything they can to cover up, suppress, and bury this news.

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The World Economic Forum is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that it can control.

How do we know that depopulation is their primary goal? Because in recent years the Davos crowd have become so arrogant they can’t stop telling us about their depopulation plans.

They can hardly disguise their excitement at their diabolical plans.

They have seized control of our political system, creating a uniparty, and rigging elections against anyone who dares to stand against the New World Order.

They have seized control of global health and unleashed a plandemic with devastating effects. We were locked down, our economy was crushed, and many people were force to take a shot.

Now they are seizing control of the food supply as the next phase of global domination.

Bill Gates became America’s leading farm owner overnight and he is bragging about pumping his carcinogenic fake meat into your favorite grocery items and his mRNA vaccines into farm animals and vegetables destined for your dinner plate.

According to the official statistics, there were 7.84 billion people on Earth in January 2020. The United Nations reported that the global population eclipsed the 8 billion mark in November 2022. As we speak, Worldometer has the current global population at 8.028 billion.

There have been 40 million births and 20 million deaths, for a net population growth of 20 million thus far in 2023, according to the same source.

The only people who believe any of those official statistics also believe that men are really women, pedophilia is love, and vaccines are safe and effective.

So what is really going on here? Let’s look at the facts.

1. Most countries reported record excess deaths and record-low births in 2021 and 2022

Governments are in the business of lying, particularly about crime and population statistics to fit agendas. But do they really expect us to believe the world population is still surging ahead, hitting record highs, despite the fact that almost every country on earth is reporting record deaths and record-low births?

We’ll never know the real numbers as to excess deaths across the globe due to the injections (until naked eye observations start speaking for themselves). But here is a list of countries that reported record-high excess deaths and record-low births in 2021 and 2022:

  • Japan: 1.58 million deaths in 2022 – the most since World War II
  • New Zealand: 38,574 deaths in 2022 – the most since 1918
  • Australia: record-low births and record-high deaths in 2021
  • U.K.: utilizing temporary morgues across the country due to “sharp rise in excess deaths“
  • Netherlands: more deaths than births in 2022 – first time that’s happened since the year 1900
  • Germany: virtually zero excess deaths in 2020, then the numbers skyrocketed in 2021
  • Nova Scotia (Canada): “unexpectedly high number of people are dying“
  • Philippines: 768,504 deaths in 2021 – highest in one year since 1945.

That’s just a small sample. Further, Norway, Italy and Japan all experienced record-low births in 2022. In other words, a lot of people are dying and few are being born.

We’re not going to bother with the United States because the Biden government blatantly lies about everything. But if we go by the Harvard Pilgrim standard of multiplying VAERS vaccine deaths by 100 for a more accurate overall picture, then at least 3.5 million Americans have died from the injections since 2021. That’s 125,000 excess deaths per month.

2. There’s no way of knowing what’s really happening in China and India

World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab called China a “role model” for other countries.

Many others in high places have repeated these sentiments. China is like a very creepy, real-life dystopian film. You literally cannot function in that country as a human being without a QR code and vaccines. Your face is constantly scanned, and your every move is tracked by various WeChat apps.

Everything you purchase in China is via a central bank digital currency (CBDC) and a QR code tied to your social credit account. Note that the U.S. is just months away from trialing its own pilot CBDC.

The “role model” country has public Jumbotron displays that instantly shame anyone it captures committing trivial infractions, including jaywalking. Your social credit is also downgraded as a result.

Chinese police stop people regularly on the street, take their phones, and search them for “illegal” VPNs, Facebook, and other banned apps. You’ll get social credit dings at least, and arrested at worst, if you’re caught with anything you’re not supposed to have.

The elite are determined to roll out these authoritarian tactics in the US in the next few years. We know that China is dystopian hell. We know that the government forced more than 90% of Chinese citizens to get the jabs. What we don’t know is how many people are being killed by the government and dying from the injections.

The same goes for India. People are literally dropping dead by the second there. India and China account for over 35% of all humanity. India started injecting its population in January 2021, mostly with the Covishield/AstraZeneca viral vector DNA injections, the most deadly of them all this side of Johnson & Johnson. As of March 2023, 95% of Indians age 12-plus have received at least one shot.

By April 2021, truckloads of dead bodies being transported to morgues were so full that bodies were falling from the trucks onto the roads. In Delhi, someone died every five minutes that month, according to one report. The mass cremation videos from India in 2021 are very disturbing.

3. Polio and famine in Africa

The World Health Organization declared that the two primary strains of “wild” polio were eradicated worldwide in 1999 and 2020, respectively. The third wild strain exists only in Pakistan and Afghanistan today. But headlines like these have been everywhere since 2022.

Wild polio was declared eradicated from the entire African Continent in 2020. So where is all this polio coming from? Just ask Bill and Melinda Gates.

All polio cases in Africa today, which number in the untold millions, are derived from Bill Gates oral polio vaccines. These concoctions cause paralysis and/or death in God knows how many kids. It’s Africa, not the U.S. Wheelchairs, Americans with Disabilities Act accommodations, etc. do not exist in most of Africa. A paralyzed child who cannot gather water and food for themselves and their families are essentially dead.

Most Africans refused the mRNA and viral vector DNA injections. They have been burnt by Bill Gates before. But Gates and company can still convince them to get oral polio vaccines. These genocidal madmen openly admit that they use Africans as guinea pigs for everything from mRNA injections to experimental AIDS treatments. These polio oral vaccines are open, blatant genocide. Yet nobody bats an eye.

Meanwhile, the Horn of Africa experienced the driest rainy season (severe drought) in over 70 years in 2023. We know the powers that be can easily manipulate the weather, create rain, and save all those people. But they don’t and won’t do it.

It is in Africa that the elite’s manufactured food crisis is really biting. In West Africa, more than 48 million people are on the verge of starvation, the most in over a decade. The nonprofit SOS Children’s Village estimates that a total of 227 million people are on the verge of starving to death across all of Africa today. That’s about one in five people across the Continent. Oxfam International estimates that one person starves to death every 48 seconds in Africa.

The combination of vaccine polio, severe drought, famine, perpetual war fighting over crumbs, and even a few mRNA and viral vector DNA deaths make an educated guess of 300 million excess deaths across the Continent since 2020 quite conservative.

Then there is the naked eye test.

Athletes have been dropping like flies in unprecedented numbers with heart problems since 2021.

U.S. public schools have experienced record declines in enrollment since 2020.

The 2022 World Cup was expecting 1.2 million visitors to Qatar for the month-long tournament. Less than 800,000 fans showed up, while several journalists covering the event collapsed and died.

Nearly all downtown areas in big U.S. cities are practically deserted. Granted a lot of people are still working from home.

There can only be so many coincidences. Regardless, the globalist elite want you to believe that the world’s population increased from 7.8 billion in January 2020 to 8.028 billion today despite nearly all countries reporting record excess deaths and record-low births in that time period. Not to mention the polio vaccine and famine genocides in Africa. They really have no problem insulting people’s intelligence to ensure their narrative (“the population is growing”) remains on code and consistent.

Don’t forget, to the elites, bad equals good. They hate humanity and want to replace the vast majority of us with a class of servile AI bots. That’s why the shots are causing mass deaths. But you will never hear about it on mainstream media, because they are bought and paid for by Pfizer.

Of course, the sheeple have been corralled into a mass formation psychosis, and they will refuse to listen to you if you try and speak sense to them about any of these issues. According to the mainstream in 2023, obesity is healthy. The vaccines are not causing people to keel over and die. And abortion is love.

George Orwell warned us about about these times. He said they would convince us that war is peace. How right he was.

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  1. If I’m not mistaken, many of these same facts were covered this week in The Covid Blog, edited by Brian Wilkins. Should his blog not have been given credit for some of the information you shared? I would have to go back and read all of his post again, but so much of what you wrote about sounded very familiar. If I’m right, please give Mr. Wilkins the courtesy of referencing his work. If I am wrong, I stand corrected. I do really appreciate your site and look at it every day.


  3. There’s no way they are going to kill 7 billion customers. Use your brains. They love money.
    They just want people to be afraid of them.

    • ‘they’ OWN the printing press and print ALL the “money” ‘they’ want to Bribe, etc. ALL ‘they’ want…NOW….IS ALL POWER WITH NO THREAT TO IT AND WHY ‘they’ ARE WORKING ON “MAINTAINING HUMANITY UNDER 500,000,000…”


      • exactly Lewis, they don’t desire money, they desire full control of everyone and everything. Money can be printed.

    • The great reset will be both financial debt restructuring and depopulation
      Human overpopulation is what these evil bastards see as the problem and between toxic mRNA poisoning and WW3 they will get what they have been planning for .

      History is full of examples where TPTB used wars to reset economic imbalances

  4. Lies. That would mean 1 in 8 people are dead, a ridiculous number. Seems like they want to keep people in fear is all. Easier to control the herds that way.

  5. Look at the WEF young global traitors like Trudeau, Macron. They now state they didn’t force ppl into the vaccine, gaslighting everyone. Remember, Schwab has infiltrated Countries with their operatives with Canada being their boner Country. Trudeau is a scumbag, WEF on his knees queen that will do whatever Schwab begs of him. Same with his finance minister Freeloader

  6. I never understood why companies like Monsanto that used Agent Orange in Vietnam never was hold accountable for all the millions of crippled children that still are born from genetic defects from their creation. If those companies would be hold accountable for their crimes, none of those things would happen in the open, but we know they go to orphanages or war zones to test them secretly aniway. It’s about time to remove all assets of those evil companies and people involved and pay back the victims families world wide. But they want genocide, Africa could ne safed sonce ages with ocean water used to make drinkwater pipes or wells but, instead bottle water gets made from groundwater and sold to other countries. Before all of this you could allready see the government planned to hire more workers from 2025 onward so the mass exodus is still going on.

  7. I am not seeing evidence that the title of the article is depicting the truth.
    Where can you get a reliable world population count anyway.
    I do know they want to squash the population, for sure.

  8. I’ve heard in China there was 400 million deaths and their population is now under 1 billion when it was 1.4 billion according to
    this you tube video titled
    China’s Economic Meltdown: What Will the Disappearing 400 Million People Bring?

  9. Sorry, we’re not buying into that number. They have no way of determining that unless all nations on earth have been keeping track of these metrics. THEY DON’T YOU MORONS. Stop with the hysteria to make things look worse than they are. Yes the numbers will be “slightly” higher because of that minimalistic virus, but a billion. Wake up and stop acting like everything you read is the truth. All written copy is biased in one manner or another, so we have learned that professionals are really no smarter than those who didn’t take the college route.

    Not only have we learned not to pay attention to professionals with a career to protect, the likes of Anthony Fauci have brought down more destruction on American than if we were bombed by Putin. They believe that their titles give them immunity from their bad decisions.

    As patriots we are here to tell you that any and all of those who had a hand in taking down America will be the first targets when it all hits the fan. It won’t be just Anarchy, it will be a total implosion of our way of life !!!

  10. I’m a public servant in Oath in Britain. I can absolutely confirm there’s internment & genocide occuring in Britain. The greatest killer and threat to British Subjects in Britain is the 1801 UK Society/Regime and it’s leadership. It is indistinguishable from a nationwide cult. It’s corrupted the process to register & renounce to try to make a matrix-type situation where we believe we’re born into this society and can never leave. It’s coat of arms even Immitates Britain’s to make us believe UK is Britain. It has gone completely rogue and by the looks of it all this has been in planning and in the making for many years. The UK Regime is absolutely British Subjects No.1 enemy. (oath ID: 25148537). Find former military commanders & leaders in your nearest proximity. Use P2P WebApps, Mesh Networks and Radio communications. Communications is vital. Do regular roll calls. And may God be with us all.

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