Biden Lauds ‘Extraordinary’ Courage Of Gay & ‘Transjester’ Americans At WH Pride Event

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pride event at WH

US President Joe Biden held a “Pride Month 2023” event on the White House lawn Saturday surrounded with rainbow motifs and Pride flags.

Biden told the crowd: “You’re some of the bravest and most inspiring people I’ve ever known. And I’ve known a lot of good folks……You set an example for the nation — and quite frankly for the world.”

InfoWars reports: Biden claimed he’s seen “more courage on this lawn than any time I’ve seen in the recent past.”

“You know, we all move forward when we move together with your joy, with your pride lighting the way,” he continued. “So today, let us proudly remember who we are — the United States of America.”

Biden accidentally came up with a new colloquialism for LGBTQ folk: “Transjesters.”

Biden also went on an absurd rant falsely claiming gay Americans across the U.S. are being thrown out of restaurants for their sexual identity.
The puppet president unveiled funding to support “address the L-G-B-Q homelessness.”
Apparently the Biden regime even violated U.S. Flag Code when prominently displaying the woke “Progress Pride” flag flanked by two American flags on the White House
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