Lord Janner’s Child Sex Abuse Was Covered Up For Over 20 years

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Lord Janner, sex abuse cover up

A report today by the Mail Online reveals the most damning evidence yet of how the Establishment hid Lord Janner’s alleged child abuse.

Allegations were covered up by police and social workers for over 20 years.

The Mail Online report:

Police and social workers were told more than 20 years ago that the peer took a vulnerable boy to Labour Party offices and Parliament before molesting him in his marital bed.

A ten-page witness statement details the alleged victim’s harrowing ordeal at the hands of Janner. But all references to the politician were removed from the child’s social services file, according to legal papers obtained by the Mail.

A children’s home manager told bosses she feared he was having sex with the child but her concerns were ‘swept under the carpet’.

The scale of the cover-up helps explains how the former Labour MP repeatedly escaped justice.

The Director of Public Prosecutions says there was sufficient evidence to charge Janner with 22 offences of paedophilia against nine children. But Alison Saunders outraged campaigners by ruling the 86-year-old should not face court because he has dementia. The latest proof of the Establishment’s strenuous efforts to protect one of its own came as it emerged that:

  • Janner hosted at least four private banquets as well as dinners and afternoon teas at the House of Lords after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s;
  • A dossier about the peer is among 114 files on child sex abuse that have gone missing from the Home Office;
  • Mrs Saunders has admitted that having dementia is ‘not a bar’ to being prosecuted.

The newly-uncovered documents from the early 1990s outlining Janner’s alleged abuse will pile fresh pressure on the authorities.

In a detailed ten-page witness statement, a married father accused the politician of sexually abusing him for nearly two years when he was a teenager at a Leicestershire children’s home in the 1970s. He alleged that the former Leicester MP took him to party headquarters, to his constituency surgeries and to the Houses of Parliament. Janner is accused of sexually assaulting the then 14-year-old at his London house in December 1974 while his wife and children were away.

The alleged victim claimed they had a ‘full sexual relationship’ for nearly two years, with the assaults taking place at the peer’s home, in swimming pools and at a Leicester hotel. Janner was diagnosed with dementia in 2009 but went on to host several hundred people at the taxpayer’s expense in the Lords over the next three years, official records show.

His role organising high-profile parliamentary events for Jewish groups until April 2012 raises further questions about his health. Mrs Saunders defended her decision not to bring charges against Janner, saying she was surprised at the political backlash she has faced.

The chief prosecutor stood by her ruling that the case should not go to a special fact-finding hearing where a jury would determine if the allegations against the peer were true.

‘Dementia in itself isn’t a bar to either a trial or to a trial of the facts, but you have to look at – and the law is very clear about this – is there a need to have a trial on the facts for the public protection?’ she told the BBC. ‘In many of the cases where we do use that procedure, it’s because there’s an ongoing risk to the public. Again the medical evidence was very clear in this case: there was no ongoing risk.’

Janner’s family have issued a statement insisting he was ‘entirely innocent of any wrongdoing’. A Labour Party spokesman said: ‘In the light of these very serious allegations, Lord Janner has been suspended from the Labour Party.’


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