Ex-Cop Killed By Buffalo Shooter Had Just Invented ‘Water Powered Engine’

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The ex-cop supermarket security guard who was killed by the Buffalo supermarket shooter on Saturday had recently spoken about a “newly discovered energy source” and patented a system that enables vehicles to run on water instead of gasoline.

Aaron Salter Jr. was identified by his son as the beloved Tops Friendly Markets security guard and former three-decade Buffalo cop who tried to stop the teenage suspect, according to the Daily Beast.

But it’s Salter Jr.’s work away from the world of law enforcement and security that is attracting interest in the wake of his tragic death. His latest passion was building environmentally sustainable vehicles, according to his LinkedIn profile. Salter Jr. demonstrated how his 2010 Ford F-150 run using his AWS Hydrogen Fuel System in a video posted on YouTube.

So we’re going to do four experiments today for the patent examiners,” he said while clad in a Police Benevolent Association shirt. The system used water to run the truck after it was started with gasoline, he explained. “What my system has done is taken advantage of the residue that’s produced by electrolysis. So we’re going to actually start this vehicle without electrolysis,” he said.

I’m a jack of all trades a master of none,” his profile for his position at AWS Hydrogen Technologies, LLC modestly read.

In 2016, he wrote on Facebook,

This is my companies facebook page im excited about my company I stated 6 months ago I believe I can change the way we power are cars boats generators and it comes from water. I just recently signed up with the Daymond John’s inside edge team that I will be starting Friday the 3rd of June. So I can start licensing this amazing product to compaines that want to use a new energy source. What I have named, Reyhated Hydrogen. And we can get one step closer to helping are planet rid inself of these dangerous hydrocarbons that are damaging are Ozone and causing global warming to are planet. Come join me on this mission thanks.

Salter Jr. is not the first person to suffer an untimely death after announcing the discovery of a system that runs engines on water. Stanley Meyer came up with a similar water powered motor before suddenly dying while dining at a Denny’s with two Belgian investors. Meyer started choking during the meal, ran outside and claimed he had been poisoned just before he died.

Some observers are stating that Salter Jr.’s mistake was applying for a patent.

If you figure out a way to beat the oil companies you have to open source it to the world and never apply for a patent. Just give it to the world,said ImpairedDifinity. “Because, they will crush you and bury your patent anyhow.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. That’s been invented years ago ,about 45 at least ,but because they can use any water even sea water they be blocked then They will only allow hydrogen alone so they can extort everyone.

  2. His mistake was not only the patent, but to speak about it on Facebook.
    He’s not the first to invent that system, and all others have been murdered as well. The only way to impose it is to spread the invention cautiously to segments of society best ready to accept it ( farmers, house owners, etc…)

    • Why? And what qualifies you to be knowledgeable enough to to be skeptical? There is at least one other who invented the process before. Do you know any science?

  3. So a mass shooting happened to murder one person? Plausible! I remember a story where they murdered hundreds on a ship called the Titantic in order to kill 3 men who were in the way of creating a Federal Reserve.

    • Actually 10 people were killed, I read, but they just weren’t mentioned in this article which is about just one of them.

  4. Most technically adapt people already know how easy it is to produce hydrogen in a car or any other engine that has its own generator to charge a battery its no big secret you can find methods and plans to do it all over the internet.

  5. This man did not invent the water powered engine a man decades before him did and was murdered by our corrupt government.

    • Doesn’t alter the fact that he discovered it on his own, he just was another one to discover the process. Very sad that he was murdered.

    • Unless you saw both patents you dunno wtf you’re talking about champ- outside of the murdered by our gov’t part. You got that right.

  6. Actually China is manufacturing already a water driven city car .Course Western governments won’t let them send them here .

  7. It is not the first time this have been discovered and I’m sure if the government ever found out the person would be silenced and the technology will never be made public. I heard of a gadget that can be put on the car and then the car would be able to get like 300-500 miles to the gallon but once again the government shut down the information.

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