Ex PM Tony Blair Demands Fortune For Hunger Speech Then Drops Out

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Tony Blair

Tony Blair has demanded £330,000 to give a speech at the World Hunger Organisation.

The former British Prime Minister was due to speak at the Eat food forum in Stockholm, Sweden.
The conference which is due tomorrow on world hunger, would have allowed Blair a platform to speak on feeding the world population a healthy dose of food which would forever be sustainable.
The former  Middle East Peace Envoy was offered a lesser sum of 2/3rd of his asking price.
His talent agency representing his promotional speeches failed to accept the lesser offer and his speech was cancelled.

Mr Blair denied he was involved in negotiations regarding fees of £330,000 for a 20 minute speech at the Hunger event, and his failure to attend the event was due to prior engagements.
In a statement issued by his office it said “…..if he had been able to do the event he wouldn’t have earned anything.”
His talent agency had asked for the fee to be paid into his wife’s foundation.

The Express reports:

Kruger Cowne talent agency, which represents Mr Blair, asked for a £250,000 fee plus £80,000 expenses for a twenty minute speech, according to the Sunday Times.

Mr Clinton got a total of £327,000 for his half-hour talk last year.

Eat offered Mr Blair, who stepped down from his role as Middle East peace envoy last week, £215,000, but after months of talks, an agreement was not reached.

A source said: “Blair is just not Clinton, and even his star peer is fast diminishing.

“So for his talent reps to think Eat was going to pay massive bucks for him shows they overestimated his worth.”

Since leaving Downing Street in 2007 after 10 years as Prime Minister, Mr Blair has made a substantial amount of money giving speeches.

It was reported that, shortly after he left office, he was paid more than £327 by Chinese property developer Dongguan Guangda to speak for 20 minutes to bankers, businessmen and Communist Party officials, while it is believed he made £400,000 for giving two half-hour talks in the Philippines.

Kruger Crowne asked Eat to pay Mr Blair’s fee to the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, which campaigns for equal opportunities.

Mr Blair’s office issued a statement saying that while he had been asked to speak at Eat in return for a donation to his wife’s foundation, he was ‘unable to do so’.

It said: “Prior commitments meant it would be logically impossible.

“His office at no point negotiated ‘the amount of money he would be earning’ because if he had been able to do the event, he would not have earned anything.”

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