Exorcism Performed Over Evil Italian Town By Priest In A Helicopter

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Exorcism performed to banish evil from Italian town where several churches have been robbed and defiled


A priest has performed an aerial exorcism to banish evil from the Italian town Castellammare di Stabia, near Naples.

The  Italian seaside town was said to be beset with social and moral decay and several churches had been robbed and defiled.

According to The Independent : The aerial benediction was carried out to bless and cleanse the town and the surrounding area. Locals say a series of incidents, including the desecration of graves, crosses placed upside down, thefts from churches and Madonnas thrown off cliffs, suggest the presence of devil worshippers.

“If Satan exists, he has taken control of Castellammare di Stabia. There was nothing left but to try the exorcist,” said a statement from the prayer group that called in the unnamed priest.

It is not yet clear whether the exorcism, which took place on 9 July, has had the desired effect.

But locals are hoping and praying that the benediction will help turn around the economic fortunes of the town’s 65,000 inhabitants, who have been hit by surging unemployment and closing businesses.

However, some observers noted that the problems with pollution and criminality in an area once known for its famous thermal springs are more likely to stem from organised crime than the occult.

Back in May the Catholic church performed an exorcism on an entire country. Mexico was exorcised in secret in San Luis Potosi cathedral.

In the first of its kind, several members of the church took part in the ceremony, which was intended to end the high levels of violence, drug cartels, and abortion in Mexico. The exorcism did not focus on any one individual but rather the whole country, which is a highly unusual move for a ritual which is unconventional to begin with.

One priest involved in the exorcism, Farther Fortea, said “to the extent sin increases more and more in a country, to that extent it becomes easier for the demons to tempt (people),” and then warned, “to the extent there is more witchcraft and Satanism going on in a country, to that extent there will be more extraordinary manifestations of those powers of darkness.”

The International Association of Exorcists are blaming the occult and satanic groups for the growing demand for exorcisms



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