Farmer Suffers Horrific Death From Bees After Accidentally Hitting Hive

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death from bees

Death from bees?  Rogerio Zuniga, a third generation farmer was driving his tractor when he accidentally struck an irrigation pipe filled with hundreds of bees who then proceeded to sting him to death.

According to [1]:

“He got off the tractor and ran and apparently they caught up to him and he collapsed, and they stung his body to death,” Lisa Zuniga said.

Family members saw his stalled tractor and ran to look for him, but by the time they found him through the tall, thick brush, it was too late.

“He had gaping wounds, the bees shredded him basically. It was horrible,” Lisa Zuniga said.

Family members and neighbors told Action 4 News they now fear for their own safety after hearing about the fatal incident.

“I got scared because I live here by myself and I get scared because when my grandkids come, they like to play outside, and I don’t know what could be in the trees outside or anywhere,” said Rosa Garcia, a neighbor and friend of the late Rogerio Zuniga.

Lisa Zuniga said she hopes action will be taken by Cameron County leaders to prevent another accident like the one that took her brother’s life.



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