Fauci Predicts Covid Jabs For 5-11 Year Olds Will Be Ready Before Halloween

Fact checked
Dr Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci believes that covid ‘vaccines’ will be available for children aged 5 to 11 by Halloween.

“There’s a really good chance it will be” available before the Oct. 31 holiday the White House chief medical adviser said during an interview on MSNBC.

He also said he would be in favor of schools mandating the shots for children once they are fully approved.

Fauci’s comments follow Mondays announcement by Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE claiming their vaccine safely produced strong antibody responses in younger children. 


    • No Satan rewards his own and as the Bible confirms Satan rules this dominion. “in Mt father’s house are many mansions” Jesus. “give unto Caesar that which is Caesar” Jesus. “My kingdom is not of this earth” Jesus.

      • MsV, I see your point here, and I agree 100%. Yes, we’re awaiting part 2 of the new project veritas – something we can show the programmed normies. Just watch their cognitive dissonance.

        • When most of them refuse the boosters it’ll be obvious. But yes-they are hiding their true feelings. I suspect a lot of them are hiding medical issues that occurred shortly after the shots. A certain percentage feel they made the wrong decision. But pride is their downfall.

  1. And because of him and Ferguson and Tedros Adhannon from WHO a woman has been shot and killed with a rubber bullet from the cops trying to remove people’s freedoms and rights in Victoria. All from the Imperial College, not Wuhan funded by Fauci, but the Imperial. College and the SAGEs there waving their magic wands to deceive the world.

    • The dead woman, I can’t find any evidence about confirming the report I received from a local resident So I don’t know for certain but the source is usually very reliable.

      • Now I’m of the opinion the source is incorrect but with the extent of blatant li4es were being told by all the alleged trustworthy actors it’s impossible to rule put that they are simply telk7ng the media to shut their cake holes and toe the pc line ,which they are absolutely all doing .Obedient sheep.

  2. None of those children will ever possibly die from that disease. There must be something else in it that they want to give us. Just saying.

  3. I think Dr. Fauci is a serial killer, an evil genius, which is why he enjoys saying kids need to get the injection. He started his killing spree back in the eighties with Aids. He’s off the charts creepy.

  4. CDC Pandemic Planning Scenarios, March 19, 2021: Infection Fatality Ratio for children 0-17 is 20 out of a million (Best Estimate), that’s 0.00002, or two one-thousandths of one PERCENT. Worst case estimate: 80 out of a million or eight one-thousandths of one PERCENT. Best case estimate: 6 out of a million or six ten-thousandths of one PERCENT. This rat-faced, evil, little pr**k knows full well that the seasonal flu is more deadly to children by a factor of 5 to 10 than “the cooties,” yet he gleefully talks about mandating inoculations for ALL CHILDREN as a prerequisite for attending school. Hell is too small a price for this evil monster to pay. One last thing: He couldn’t remember into which arm he took the jab. Watch him take it, and then rub the opposite arm when being interviewed by Jake Tapper an hour later.
    “Get Up, Stand up! Stand up for your rights! Bob Marley

  5. If Fauci mandates vaccines for kids mark my words … someone will hunt the psychopath down & rightfully execute him on the spot.

  6. So youse guys still think that the jesuit Georgetown justice department is up to its job? Fauci should be legally processed bird food by now.

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