FBI Caught Paying Twitter Millions in Taxpayer Funds To Help Steal the 2020 Election

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FBI paid Twitter millions to help steal the 2020 election

The FBI funnelled millions of taxpayer dollars to executives at Twitter to help them steal the election away from Donald Trump in 2020, according to newly released Twitter Files.

Hidden in thread item #46 was the most damning piece of evidence so far that proves the Deep State colluded to rig the election against Trump. The FBI didn’t just ask Twitter for help with suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story less than a month before the election, they actually PAID Twitter for doing it.

Thelibertydaily.com reports: According to Michael Shellenberger:

The FBI’s influence campaign may have been helped by the fact that it was paying Twitter millions of dollars for its staff time. “I am happy to report we have collected $3,415,323 since October 2019!” reports an associate of Jim Baker in early 2021.

This is among the biggest of MANY pieces of evidence proving the Federal Bureau of Investigation is a political organization that occasional works on law enforcement as a side gig. They are the Deep State’s tip of the spear for their domestic manipulation campaigns. They spent decades and countless taxpayer dollars engaging in political meddling, which should come as no surprise since they’ve been doing so since J. Edgar Hoover was in charge.

$3,415,323 may seem like a drop in the bucket for a government that operates in terms of billions or trillions, but it can go a long way to get members of media and Big Tech to do the bidding of the Deep State. They didn’t want Donald Trump to win so the FBI engaged in one of the ugliest forms of government corruption possible: collusion through bribery.

This is a game-changing Twitter Files drop… at least it could be if it’s given any attention at all by the people. Unfortunately, it likely won’t be if we rely on corporate media to report on it. This is why it’s incumbent on patriots to do a better job of informing our “normie” brethren than we did at informing them about the Hunter Biden laptop in 2020.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai
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