FBI: Stephen Paddock Was An ISIS Operative

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FBI insider claims Stephen Paddock and other shooters during Las Vegas attack worked for ISIS

An FBI insider claims that the government is covering up the fact that Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock worked for ISIS.

According to an anonymous tip posted on GLP, the mainstream media, FBI and Las Vegas Police Department are all hiding the truth about what really happened as part of a coordinated cover-up.

The post says:

I have a few friends in pretty high places. I can’t say who, so don’t ask me. I typically don’t ask them about inside info related to their work, but I couldn’t resist asking about Vegas.

They (media, fbi, police) are obviously hiding something and it’s leading to all kinds of crazy ideas. Here’s what I was told –

Paddock was involved with ISIS. This attack was a terror attack. They are keeping this secret for two reasons.

1. They do not want ISIS to get “credit” for a successful attack. The same way they no longer glorify serial killers, they will not credit ISIS.

2. They are still looking for other ISIS involved with Paddock. They recently caught two, one in Chicago and another in NY. The guy in Tennessee is also suspect.

MGM is controlling a lot of the narritive due to upcoming massive lawsuits. They expect every person affected to file suit. To that end, they are not releasing security camera footage, and they have clamped down on access to employees (Campos). They feel like anything they say will be used against them in the future legal actions.

So, what does all of this mean? The secretive nature of this event, the changing timelines, etc, all give the impression of a huge coverup. In a way, that’s true, but most of what’s been said is true.

  • There was one shooter – Paddock.
  • The security guard is not an illegal.
  • The only info being hidden is what lead up to the attack and any help Paddock may have received from ISIS. They are concerned about future attacks.

Anyways, that’s what I was told. I’m sure I’ll be called a shill, a liar, or an asshole… but, I asked on behalf of GLP and I believe what I was told.


    • It’s just “fast company” and in case you don’t understand they are sophisticated players who are capable of spotting a crude method of cheating and are, therefore, more difficult to swindle.

  1. There is no “ISIS”… so, by deduction, that means there is also no Paddock or Lost Vegas Hoax terror attack either.

  2. Hold it right there. We all know by now that ISIS is an Israeli-US-funded-armed proxy army and that 9/11 was a Mossad coordinated attack on US. Don’t try to sell us any more of your drivel. You have lost the narrative. Zionists are in deep sh*t

  3. Un huh…………Paddock probably did work for ISIS, but most likely undercover as an arms dealer for the FBI, which is WHY they are frantically trying to cover up the info, unsuccessfully at that.

  4. The guy in this photo is the one I would trust the least when it comes to facts about the shooting real or otherwise.

  5. Paddock was a CIA drug and gun runner who also happened to be the perfect ‘patsy’ for this G4S terror operation which clearly benefited certain financial scammers who ‘shorted’ casino stocks, and one Michael Chertoff & his OSI partners who look to make $$$Billions on their ‘backscatter’ scanner technology. Paddock’s fellow gun-runner, Scott Edmisten, who was picked up by TN State Police with a carload of guns and ammo just like what was used in Vegas, is singing like Ethel Merman.

  6. They will find that what is really meant as the Las Vegas operation was a Saudi Operation. Saudi, US and UK intelligence, and Israeli Mossad ARE ISIS, just as they were/are Al Qaeda, and Mujaheddin. This ties into Prince Alwaleed who was just arrested and assets frozen. He owned portions of that very hotel. The Saudis can not do “usery” like what all of the Talmud do, so what they do instead is gamble, on literally anything and everything racing, horses, gambling, stocks, investments and dead pool betting. This is related to dead pool betting where teams pull of thing connected to other things and there are targets, they bet on target death and also on collateral deaths. win win for them.

  7. this is total BS – Paddock is a patsy; he personally didn’t fire a shot – he was running guns for the fbi / atf and there was a sting on that went bad; this was a total and complete fbi fubar scenario. until the fbi comes clean about some aspect of this situation i wouldn’t believe very much that they have to say………

  8. In the photo showing the pile of guns Paddock reportedly had during the “terrorist attack” I am quite certain I identified a crack barrel pellet rifle as I have never seen a firearm with an obvious break-barrel cocking system.

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