#FeelTheBern: Bernie Sanders Rises In Polls Because He Believes In America

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Bernie Sanders

Washington and Wall Street are beginning to show signs of fear as Senator Bernie Sanders surges in polls in the race for the Democratic nominee for President.

The former athlete and man of the people who claims to represent 99.99% of the voters in America is causing a very public panic for the establishment as he surges in the polls.

According to Brent Budowsky who writes for The Hill, Sanders may well win both Iowa and New Hampshire, gaining him additional momentum for the race to the White House, as more and more people believe in the Senator from Vermont.

Sputnik reports:

The Democratic party elite and support infrastructure are on the attack against the popular democratic socialist, with Nancy Pelosi criticizing his widely supported “Medicare for all” plan on Wednesday, an attack echoed by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

These attacks were followed by unabashed polemics from the editorial board of the Washington Post on Thursday, a newspaper owned by a billionaire who would not want to see a Sanders presidency, Budowsky notes. The Post degraded the Vermont senator’s campaign as “fiction-filled,” much like the criticism heard against Barack Obama in 2008.

The very visible and sudden panic as the Iowa caucus approaches shows that Sanders has been largely underestimated. His ideas and inspiring message that the government of the US can — and should — do better, clearly resonates with a frustrated population.

Sanders has been accused by many of having big dreams, but his supporters assert that, at the very least, he has them. Clinton, on the other hand, appears to offer more of the same, with vague promises of a slow rate of progress. Her flip-flopping and “evolving” politics have resulted in her being considered “dishonest” by a large percentage of millennial voters.

Sanders has clearly surpassed Clinton in generating excitement but, instead of the Democratic establishment embracing that enthusiasm and helping his momentum insure voters come out and bring the party a win, party bigwigs consistently dismiss and even insult his campaign and those who support him.

The results of the upcoming primaries will tell the tale of whether the old guard of the Democratic Party has it right this time.


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