Scientists Left Baffled After Finding Antarctica Hasn’t Warmed For Over 70 Years

Fact checked

Scientists are finding it difficult to explain why the continent of Antarctica has shown Net Zero warming for the last seven decades… and likely much longer.

The lack of warming over a significant portion of the planet undermines the unproven hypothesis that the carbon dioxide humans add to the atmosphere is the main determinant of global climate.

The Daily Sceptic reports: Under ‘settled’ science requirements, the significant debate over the inconvenient Antarctica data is of necessity being conducted well away from prying eyes in the mainstream media. Promoting the Net Zero political agenda, the Guardian recently topped up readers’ alarm levels with the notion that “unimaginable amounts of water will flow into oceans”, if temperatures in the region rise and ice buffers vanish. The BBC green activist-in-chief Justin Rowlatt flew over parts of the region and witnessed “an epic vision of shattered ice”. He described Antarctica as the “frontline of climate change”. In 2021, the South Pole had its coldest six-month winter since records began in 1957, a fact largely ignored in the mainstream. One-off bad weather promoter Reuters subsequently ‘fact checked’ commentary on the event in social media. It noted that a “six-month period is not long enough to validate a climate trend”.

A recent paper from two climate scientists (Singh and Polvani) accepts that Antarctica has not warmed in the last seven decades, despite an increase in the atmospheric greenhouse gases. It is noted that the two polar regions present a “conundrum” for understanding present day climate change, as recent warming differs markedly between the Arctic and Antarctic. The graph below shows average Antarctica surface temperatures from 1984-2014, compared to a base period 1950-1980.

The scientists note that over the last seven decades, the Antarctica sea ice area has “modestly expanded” and warming has been “nearly non-existent” over much of the ice sheet. NASA estimates current Antarctica ice loss at 147 gigatons a year, but with 26,500,000 gigatons still to go, this works out at annual loss of 0.0005%. At current NASA ice loss melt, it will all be gone in about 200,000 years, although the Earth may well have gone through another ice age, or two, before then.

Most alarmist commentary centres around the cyclical loss of sea ice around the coast and some warming on parts of the west of the continent. But sea ice cover is running at levels seen around 50 years ago, as the graph below shows. Small rises and falls in the early 2010s have been followed by a reversion to the mean. 


  1. Just remember who pays these scientists, the government. If they don’t create the crisis they are not needed and out of a job. Problem with bottom feeders, they can’t live on their own merits or accords. Seems these “scientists” aren’t really needed. Time to cut some jobs.

    • Actually, it’s come out that the notorious IPCC report, supposedly written by scientists, forged the majority of names on the paper. They used real scientist’s names but without their permission. The scientists were very angry about it and made a huge noise about it some years ago. There are some scientists who work for deep state but most are threatened with their lives or by other means, to do what they are told. Lots of them have been murdered but the press doesn’t report on them. Erin Elizabeth used to report on it around 2010 but had her own life threatened and wrote an article saying she would no longer be covering it due to death threats by deep state.

  2. They just move the weather stations to where they know already they can get slightly higher readings They did it globally
    Our msm national TV news told us about 20 years ago that’s what they were doing.

  3. Just try to find the original book by Chan Thomas. It’s still censored by the CIA and count it together. The truth why they depopulate us is here. They will claim it is for the greater good. In reality they are scared we kill them if we find out the truth. The poleshift is coming and it changes evrything. Look at medieval england it was warm all tapestry show warmer temperatures and they grew vine even. The frozen mammoth with flowers in the belly undigested died fast freezing. The adam and eve paper is about cataclysm symbolism inall culture of global flooding. Caused by poleshift, something like planet x nibiru apophis is probably the key as the moon influances tides a close flyby could flip our weakened poles. If you record apophis or planet x reverse the audio and you hear in you native language your subconscious mind that probably know allready. It’s not the end it’s a cleansing, but the wrong people try to survive but the evil will destroy itself by betrayal and greed.

  4. science (archaic) questioning what you observe and attempting to figure out what it is or does.
    science (modern) forming an opinion and being surprised when your opinion is proved wrong.

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