Fifth Graders Arrested For ‘Bomb’ Plot Involving Cinnamon

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10-year-old fifth graders arrested after an alleged 'bomb plot' was foiled at a school involving cinnamon and vinegar

Fifth-graders aged between 10-11 years old from New Jersey were arrested for putting cooking ingredients together in a classroom that teachers and police thought could be part of a “bomb plot”.

The “device” according to Clifton Police was filled with cinnamon, vinegar and salad dressing. reports:

Police say the ill-conceived plot was foiled when written plans were discovered by teachers and administrators.

The school then told police. They have all been suspended, but the school continues to be on tightened security as of Thursday afternoon. CBS New York says police found a suspicious device during their investigation, but it was not explosive. “They had a legitimate plan”, Bracken said, reported

The five students, reported to be four girls and one boy, were released into their parents’ custody later Wednesday, reported the Associated Press.

According to the police, the incident was isolated and there are no current safety issues in the school.

The alleged bomb was filled with vegetage oil, salad dressing, and cinnamon sticks, according to a report by NBC New York.

The alleged bomb was neither flammable nor dangerous, nor did any student possess any type of lighting device. At no time were the students of School No. 11, or Clifton High School in danger,” said Passaic County prosecutor, Camelia Valdes.

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