Five People Arrested Over Human Sacrifice Of Young Boy

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Young boy sacrificed to ward off demons of villagers in Nepal

A boy of 10 was sacrificed to the heavens by slashing his throat in a ceremony and spilling his blood on the earth.

Jivan Kohar was lured into a human sacrifice ceremony by promises of a reward of 50 US cents. He was killed by villagers in Nawalparasi district of Nepal. The 10-year-old was sacrificed to allay the fears of the murderers and give them hope for their future and their loved ones here on earth.

The decomposed body of the young man was discovered in Kudiya, southern Nepal. He had his throat slit in a ritual after being offered food and money, and being lured to a secluded spot.

The Guardian reports:

Nal Prasad Upadhyaya, a police official, said the decomposed body of Jivan Kohar, who had been missing for three days, was recovered from a bush on Friday in Kudiya, a village in the Nawalparasi district, which borders India. The boy’s throat had been slit.

The Kathmandu Post newspaper said the father of a man who was ill had confessed to the killing “to chase away the evil spirits” from his ailing son, after seeking advice from a village shaman.

child sacrifice
Floods along Narayani, July 2013

He is said to have lured the boy with the help of neighbours to an isolated place by offering biscuits and promising to pay him 50 US cents.

He then performed a religious rite, killed the boy and dumped his body in a bush, media reports said.

Upadhyaya said all five of those arrested will be charged with murder.

More than 80% of Nepal’s 28 million people are Hindus. Many frequently sacrifice animals such as goats, buffaloes and roosters.

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