RNC Chair: IG Probe Will Expose Obama’s ‘Duplicity’

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RNC chair says IG report will expose Obama admin's duplicity

The “duplicity” in Obama’s administration will be fully exposed by the inspector general’s “investigation about the investigators,” according to RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel.

Former President Barack Obama’s claim that he had a “scandal-free administration” could come back to haunt him because he failed to stop meddling attempts in the 2016 election and instead chose to spy on the Trump campaign.

“Think about it: a sitting president, President Obama’s Administration, under [his] FBI, they deployed spies to the Trump campaign,” McDaniel told “The Cats Roundtable” on 970 AM-N.Y.

“They put FISA warrants on campaign operatives. I mean, this is horrific. Think if President Trump did this right now to any Democrat candidate through his administration.”

Newsmax.com reports: McDaniel added to host John Catsimatidis that Russian meddling attempts in 2016 are not on President Trump but former President Obama, because “they failed” to stop the efforts; instead, employing “duplicity” in spying and investigating the incumbent’s political  opposition.

“Why didn’t they just go to candidate Trump and say, ‘We’re afraid that foreign actors are trying to infiltrate your campaign; can you work with us to make sure that doesn’t happen?'” McDaniel asked. 

“Instead, they went a totally different route. And the failures of the Obama administration and the duplicity of what they have done has led us to this moment.”

Now, a former Obama underling, ex-Vice President Joe Biden, is leading the charge of Democrats for 2020, but he’s a “weak front runner,” according to McDaniel.

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  1. Not if National Security can lock down the evidence that protects Pedo-Blackmail and worse crimes from exsposure. That and destruction of evidence is a given with weaponized FBI and IRS.

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