For 23 Years Israel Claims Iran “6 Months Away From Nuclear Bomb”

Fact checked

In 2013 GlobalPublicSquare interviewed Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif about Iran’s nuclear ambitions and about his views on the U.S. and Israel.

In the interview Zarif revealed Israel’s persistent lie about Iran’s plan to build a nuclear bomb:

“Unfortunately, some people find it in their interests to deceive the international community and to conduct a policy of fear-mongering” he said.

“Israel has been pushing the line, since 1992 – perhaps you can find even an earlier version, I haven’t. Of what I’ve seen [it] is since 1992, Israel has been saying – and most of it has been Netanyahu himself – that Iran is six months away from a nuclear bomb. Now, what is it…21 years from 1992?”

“We still don’t have a bomb. We won’t have a bomb because we don’t see it in our interests.”

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