Former Cabinet Minister ‘Pictured With Naked Boy’ at Elm Guest House, Claims MP

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Former Cabinet Minister 'Pictured With Naked Boy' at Elm Guest House, Claims MP

A former cabinet minister was photographed with a naked boy in the sauna of Elm Guest House at the centre of historic child sex abuse allegations, Tory MP Zac Goldsmith said. He added that photos of establishment figures and evidence of abuse simply disappeared after a police raid.

The Mail Online reports: Tory Zac Goldsmith claimed that a child protection campaigner had been told by one of the owners of the Elm Guest House, Carol Kasir, that she had photographs of ‘establishment figures’ at the hotel where boys in care had been ‘brought in for sex’.

But the evidence, along with logbooks, names, times, dates and photographs of Mrs Kasir’s customers simply disappeared after a 1982 police raid on the guesthouse.

Mr Goldsmith said evidence from 12 boys alleging abuse had also ‘evaporated’ and Mrs Kasir and her husband Haroon were eventually given suspended sentences for ‘running a disorderly house’.

Mrs Kasir then died a few years later in ‘very odd circumstances’, he said.

In a backbench debate on the progress of the Government’s inquiry into historic child sex abuse, Mr Goldsmith told the Commons: ‘When Mrs Kasir died a few years after the house was raided in very odd circumstances, a child protection campaigner from the National Association of Young People in Care called for a criminal investigation into events at Elm Guest House.

‘He said that he’d been told by Mrs Kasir that boys had been brought in from the local children’s home […] for sex.

‘And that she had all kinds of photographs of establishment figures at her hotel. One of them allegedly showed a former cabinet minister in the sauna with a naked boy.

‘She had logbooks, names, times, dates, pictures of her customers and so on. All that evidence simply disappeared after the raid. It no longer exists. That surely is astonishing.’

Goldsmith also expressed dismay that Mr Hilton Tims, news editor of the Surrey Comet, claimed to have been issued with a D-Notice in 1984 to stop him reporting allegations of child abuse. The D-Notice is used to ban journalists from reporting a story that would put national security at risk. However, once again, no paperwork relating to it exists anymore, leading to yet more claims of a cover-up