UFO Over Loch Lomond, Scotland (Video)

Fact checked

The following video was filmed on 1st February in Kinlochard, Scotland.

In the video you see a large bright white light, possibly a UFO,  move across the sky. The UFO appears, at times, to pulsate.

According to the videos description:

It moved slowly and silently. It went behind forest trees on top of the high hills which are approx one mile away and still appeared to be quite a bit further than this but even though it was some distance the size from where I was filming still appeared to be large and very bright.

Judging distance and approximate location I would say that it was going over or flying close to Loch Lomond (Here is a rough idea where it may have been flying over: Grid ref – NS 39750-97783, Latitude:56.145741 Longitude: -4.5809916).

Although it flew over a remote area of the Trossachs National Park others must have seen it and probably with a better view. Would be good to know what this was and if anybody else got to see it.