Former UK PM Boris Johnson Claims He Would Sign Up To ‘Fight For King & Country’

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Boris Johnson

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has issued a call to arms declaring he “would jolly well” join the British Army if Britain went to war with Russia.

Bojo was backing calls from the military top brass who said Britain needs to use conscription to “train and equip” a “citizen army”.

General Sir Patrick Sanders, the outgoing Chief of the General Staff, made the comments this week amid apparent fears that Russia’s President Putin may be about to start World War III by attacking a NATO country.

On Saturday, the former Tory leader wrote in his Daily Mail column that he ‘jolly well would’ serve for King and Country.

“Yes, Sah! Lance Corporal Johnson reporting for duty, Sah!” he said, adding: “I want General Sanders to know that I have heeded his call for a new citizen army. I asked myself. Could I do it? Do I still have the stuff of battle in me?”

“No sooner had I posed myself the question – would I sign up to fight for King and country? – than I had the answer. Of course I jolly well would.  If it really came to it, I would be there in the dugout with General Sanders

But the former PM has been widely ridiculed for his comments after it was pointed out that it was he who, not so long ago, hid in a fridge to avoid confrintation with a journalist.

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