France Considers Lowering Age Of Consent To 11

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France lowers age of consent to 11

France are to consider lowering the age of consent to as low as 11-years-old as the government draft a controversial new bill dealing with ‘sexual coercion.’

Is an 11-year-old girl old enough to agree to sex with an adult? That’s the question French ministers are seriously considering, amid total outrage and revulsion by members of the public.

ABC News reports:

Twice in recent weeks, French courts refused to prosecute grown men for rape after they had sex with 11-year-olds because authorities couldn’t prove coercion.

Amid public horror, the government is drafting a bill to say sex with children under a certain age is by definition coercive.

Feminist groups plan a protest Tuesday to argue the age should be set at 15. Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet says 13 “is worth considering.”

The age is just one piece of an upcoming bill on sexual violence and harassment.

The bill has gained importance amid worldwide concern unleashed by the allegations against Harvey Weinstein.


  1. Make your mind up time. Genocide and surrendering our children not only to the brainwashing education system (guess what they’ll do to the kids if a law like that passes) but to the peados who outrightly control government as well. Or do we love and protect our kids collectively (mm find me a better option).
    This is some sick stuff.

    • Are you really so hateful of Muslims that you’re willing to prove yourself this much of an idiot? What’s this got to do with Muslims? You think France is a Muslim country?

      • France is on its way just like most of Europe, Sweden, maybe you should educate yourself on the epidemic of child brides in the Muslim religion, even Mohammed had a child bride, wasn’t she 6 at marriage and consummated at the age of 9. That isn’t hate, it is truth.

        • On its way? To what? The Muslim population in France is around 7.5% – hardly a dominant cultural force, and are you assuming that all of those are pedophiles? If so, you really are spewing nothing but ignorant hate. As for the myth about Mohamed having sex with a 9 year old, that’s pure Western Anti-Muslim propaganda that has no historical evidence. You can claim that your BS isn’t hate, but it sure as hell isn’t truth – at best, it’s just ignorance. Also – are you aware that almost 200,000 minors were married to adults in the USA? And most of those within the so-called ‘Conservative Christian’ community? Why dig into Anti-Muslim historically debunked myths when you’ve got plenty of present day child victims in the USA? Too close to home? Too much Breitbart bred hate, maybe?

          It’s fascinating how you doubt the living women who accuse Roy Moore of sexual harassment and think they’re liars, but you have no trouble believing antiquated Anti-Muslim propaganda made up by others, like yourself, who can’t stomach the presence of other religions or cultures on this planet.

          • It is stated in the Quran that the mohammedan muhammud took little 6 year old Aisha for his child bride. It also states he waited until she was all of 9 years old to consumate their marriage. It also states she washed the semen stains out of his clothes every day. The Quran is the exact word of Allah. For anyone to reinterpret the exact words is a sin punishable by death. But you already know this Karmamole. This is what mohammedans believe. Sharia law declares men to marry 6 year olds. It also calls for a man to beat his wife and says he can rape her anytime he feels like it. A woman cannot claim rape unless she has 4 male witnesses. A woman’s word in court is only worth 1/2 of a man’s. Women have half the worth of a man. Sharia law calls for the death of all non-moslems and to take non moslem women and children as sex slaves. There is a lot more to sharia law. These are just a few true facts that cannot be denied unless the person is denying the word of Allah quoted from the Quran. This is part of what all mohammedans believe.

          • You really are trying way too hard. There is no mention of Aisha in the Quran, never mind her age. Perhaps you should actually run a search on the Quran and look for any mentions rather than just spout ignorant BS that you’ve heard from other Islamophobes. Sadly, you’re also wrong about most of the other things you mention; Muslims are, in fact, required to re-interpret the Quran, it’s not a sin punishable by death, Shaira law does not allow men to marry 6 years, and a man is not allowed to even touch his wife without her consent, and does not call for the death of Non-Muslims, otherwise, Mohamed would’ve executed everybody in Madina when he conquered it, rather than creating the world’s first constitution that actually protected the rights and freedoms of the Christian and Jewish inhabitants of the city. None of what you refer to as ‘true facts’ are true at all. You’re either a liar who’s trying to foster hate for Muslims, or you’re very, very, very badly misinformed.

          • That story is taken from the Hadiths and NOT the Qur’an. As such, it is suspect at best and erroneous at worst! Contrary to what some Muslim Scholars believe, Hadiths are not necessarily quotes and deeds of Muhammad as much as they are deceptions about him with plagiarisms taken from teh Talmud, Leviticus, Deuteronomy and other biblical sources.

          • Irrelevant, but no. I’m not. And again, why not address my criticisms of your logic rather than wonder what religion I may adhere to? Hint: I’m an atheist. I won’t even bother to ask if you’re Christian, because I blame YOU for your ignorance and attitude, not Christianity at itself.

          • In any case, it’s tiring talking to people who are either so misinformed or who are purposely trying to deceive other readers and foster more hate and Islamophobia. At best, you’re wasting my time. So I’ll just suggest that people go and do some research for themselves. Don’t believe me, and don’t believe the Breitbart Islamophobes. Besides, have you noticed how these hateful people are trying to hijack this thread and make it about Islam when it’s about legislation in France? Get back on topic. I’m done with this.

          • Because I really dont give a sht about you or your criticisms, I wont lose sleep over a useless troll who I dont even give a second of my thoughts to. So save your useless chatter, I dont live my life to please or piss off people on useless chat forums.

          • i definitely doubt the lying women accusing roy moore. they have all been proven tied to DNC.

  2. Of course make it retroactive to cover connected perverts in the future. Like when they are forty + years old fondling eleven year old children.

  3. Before you know it, they will lower the age again to 9 since that is the age that Mohammad first had sex with his child bride.

    • First of all, France is not a Muslim country. Second – you’re letting your hatred of Muslims make you look like a complete moron. Third, saying Mohamed had sex with a 9 year old is just ignorant. No such thing has ever been historically documented, despite how often Anti-Muslim idiots like yourself try to pretend it has been. Typical of you to deflect from problems in Western society and culture.

  4. France is controlled by Zionists, and Zionists TALMUD the book of Satan, allows adults to rape 3 years old and over boy or girl, so is no surprise, for legalising pedophilia, in France. Evil doers.

  5. You can rest assured that it is not the Christian informed French person who is calling for this lowering of the consent age. It is either the atheistic and obsessively secular Left or it is their massive Muslim minority for whom child brides are an honored tradition starting with the pervert Muhammad. Most likely it was both groups.

    • Quick question, you judgemental piece of shit, why aren’t you Bhuddist or Taoist or Jewish? You’re atheist towards the rest of the gods, so why are the people who went one “god” further suddenly so evil? I personally don’t have an “inerrant” book that espouses rape, slavery and genocide as good things… But apparently I’M the morally bankrupt one here…

      • Whatever else you are, you are clearly muddled and full of undefined anger. Might I suggest a decade or so of intense psychotherapy, followed immediately by a pre-frontal lobotomy and a lifetime of incarceration in a rubber room.

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