French Teacher Prosecuted For Sharing Holocaust Theories On Facebook

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Teacher in France prosecuted over Holocaust post on Facebook

A French school teacher has been placed under criminal investigation for allegedly posting a comment about the Holocaust on her Facebook page. 

France’s Education Ministry have ordered an investigation into the teacher who they say instructed her students to follow her page, where she wrote “The Shoah was designed and organized by Jews.” reports:

CRIF, the umbrella group of French Jewish communities, complained to the ministry about the teacher earlier this week, according to a report Thursday in the group’s newsletter.

It did not name the female teacher in question but said she teaches at the prestigious Janson-de-Sailly school, a post high-school preparatory course, and that she invited the course’s students to follow her Facebook page.

The CRIF report was based on original reporting by the Le Canard Enchainé, a satirical weekly, which, alongside cartoons and satirical articles, also features investigative journalism items and news.

According to Le Canard Enchainé, the teacher wrote on her Facebook page against “the American Jewish lobby,” saying it supports Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

She also wrote that French President Francois Hollande “is a Jew who benefited from his belonging to that community to ascend in politics and who now denies this,” pretending to have a Catholic father. Hollande “is Jewish and denies it.

Backpedaling will begin all over, now that it is less beneficial for Jewry,” the teacher also wrote, according to the CRIF newsletter.


  1. I have just returned from vacation in France, and I am so glad to have gone and supported the country under terror, and even more so after reading this. Thank you France.

  2. The  truth doesn’t  need  bogus laws  to protect itself from examination.  She’s victimised  for lifting  the lid  on all this 

  3. This can only raise more doubt about the holocaust narrative, these people don’t think things through.

    Locking people up for what they say shows the police state up for what it truly is.

    Truth will out.

  4. The ONLY reason you would “prosecute” someone for saying this is if you know it’s true. These satanist fake “jews” obviously lied about the bullshit “shoah”, and it’s time for these maggots to pay.

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