Fugitive Mafia Bosses Captured Hiding In ‘luxurious’ Underground Bunker

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Two cold-blooded Ndrangheta Mafia bosses have been captured in southern Italy hiding in a ‘luxurious’ camouflaged underground bunker dug into a mountain.

The pair, who fed their live victims to pigs for revenge, had been on the run for more than a decade.

The Mirror reports:

One of the bosses, Giuseppe Ferraro, 47, handed over one of his own captains to a rival gang during a mob feud, according to investigators.

The captain was then fed alive to pigs. The other, Giuseppe Crea, 37, is a cold blooded killer who murdered the teenage son of a competitor, it is alleged.

Police found an arsenal of guns, including automatic weapons, in the semi-underground hole in the wooded area near Agro di Maropati, in Reggio Calabria, the ‘toe’ of Italy.

The corrugated iron bunker covered by camouflage and was fitted with all mod cons, Italian media reported.

Minister of the Interior Angelino Alfano said: Today is a great day for this country because today justice has won again and decisively with the capture of two heads of families of the Ndrangheta mafia who were captured in a bunker in Reggio Calabria.’

Ferraro, on the run since 1998, has been sentenced to life for mafia association and murder while Crea wanted since 2006, has been convicted of mafia association.Mafia

Police said they eventually found the bunker by using hidden cameras to follow the movements of numerous associates of the wanted men.

The Ndrangheta mafia, based in the ‘toe’ of Italy, have overtaken Sicily’s Cosa Nostra as the most feared syndicate in Italy. They are said to control some 80 per cent of Europe’s cocaine trade.

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