Funeral Director Testifies About Fibrous Clots Found In Deceased Who Had Received Covid Jabs

Fact checked
Funeral director Laura Jeffrey

The National Citizen’s Inquiry, a citizen-led and funded initiative, is being held in Canada to investigate the governments’ covid policies….in order to reveal the truth of what has really been happening.

The NCI has been hearing from Canadian citizens and experts including Laura Jeffery, a 27-year licensed funeral director.

In her testimony to the NCI (see video below) Jeffery detailed what she had seen during the embalming process of deceased individuals who had received the covid ‘vaccination’.

She said that since Spring 2021 she had witnessed things she had not seen before in all her years in the industry.

Jeffery claimed that she had found clots that ‘resembled parasites’ in the deceased bodies that she had not seen prior to the jab roll-out.

She also claimed that there has been a government cover-up to hide all the dead babies, stating that the bodies are no longer reaching the funeral homes in big cities and in small communities the number is skyrocketing.

Laura Jeffery’s testimony:

Here’s the link to the NCI’s Rumble channel


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  2. They, in the ordinary course of their business as the government gave the legal obligation to know the pertinent facts about their legislative actions. The burden of responsibility to the electorates health and safety lies with them to be open minded and impartial in examining all evidence.

  3. These decisions killed my sister, I hold Trudeau accountable for her death. God will be the judge for all of this, these demonic puppets of the WEF need to get right with God, time is running out.

  4. In Germany the pathologue conference was attacked since the start, Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt und Prof. Dr. Walter Lang. They found early on those ever seen rubbry vein’s in vaccinated, the retired pathologues, aremorebelievable as they are not working anymore to tell the truth. But still if you Google them they are labelled as fake by fact check its ridiculous as, they proved the things allready, the problems are visible the death numbers rise, the fertility went down instead of up. All add to the same conclusions those who have the power in the healthcare industry are corrupt and lie. Science has become irrelevant ifwe look at facts we see the truth. The truth doesn’t have to hide evidence but lies do. All the blackened pages of the vaccine contracts or trials show enough how trustworthy the establishment are.

  5. One person, just one person stands up for the countless deaths, and at a lower pay grade than the so called medical professionals that got rich from causing those covid deaths.

    Bravo Laura Jeffery

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