Pedophiles Call for Lesbians To Be Removed From LGBTQ Over Their Opposition to MAPs

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Pedophiles demand that lesbians are removed from LGBTQ over their opposition to MAPs

Pedophile activists in Germany are calling for lesbians to be removed from the LGBTQ movement due to their opposition of Minor Attracted People (MAPs).

The group is demanding lesbians be banned from an exhibit at Berlin’s Gay Museum due to their opposition to pederasty. Krumme-13 is protesting the Museum, claiming that lesbians “submitted in every way to the anti-pedophile zeitgeist of the heterosexual mainstream.” reports: The Gay Museum was opened in 1985 and was the first of its kind to be solely dedicated to gay history. In October, the Museum launched an exhibit attempting to critically examine the widespread acceptance of pedophiles in the gay men’s rights movement in the 1980s and 1990 titled “Reappraisal: Sexual violence against children and young people in the spirit of emancipation.”

The exhibition is comprised of two main rooms, with one being dedicated to testimonies from victims of child sexual abuse, and the second focusing on historical examples of gay rights publications vocalizing support for pedophilia. Among the displays is a document calling for “solidarity” with the pro-pedophile community advocating against their “exclusion” from the gay rights campaign.

According to one sign within the exhibit, the belief that children — specifically boys — were not harmed by sexual relations with adult men “was supported by the gay movement.” The exhibit reveals that pedophiles found ample support within the community by appealing to “shared experiences of discrimination and persecution.”

By contrast, lesbian women did not express the same level of solidarity towards pedophiles. Following the conversion of the Gay Association in Germany to the Lesbian and Gay Association in Germany in the mid-1990s, the joint [male] homosexual and pedophile movement ended.

In a blog post published at the beginning of November, leaders at pro-pedophile activist group Krumme-13 outlined their rationale for criticizing the exhibition, condemning the female leadership at the museum for “biasing” the exhibit. It also pointed to lesbian historical opposition to pedophilia, and placed the blame for their exile from modern gay rights movements on the inclusion of women.

“The reason for this was primarily that lesbians determined the realignment within the gay movement. The Gay Museum is now dominated by lesbians who have submitted in every way to the anti-pedophile zeitgeist of the heterosexual mainstream. The lesbian activists in the Gay Museum are completely and uncritically committed to protecting children and victims. We strongly condemn the ideology associated with this,” the post continues.

It adds that the Museum is obligated to add a section detailing child abuse victims’ positive experiences with pedophiles to counteract its display on victims.

“If there is a listening station at an exhibition where 10 affected people have the opportunity to report on their childhood sexual abuse, then for the sake of balance there MUST also be those affected who had positive experiences in their childhood,” K13 responded. “The people primarily affected by this exhibition – pedophiles/pedosexuals/pederasts – must be included. The organizer is the Gay Museum, but the sexual minority of pedophiles must not only be visitors, but must also be able to actively participate.”

The activists go on to instruct their supporters to protest the museum and leave letters of condemnation at the exhibit.

“There is a mailbox in the exhibition space in the Gay Museum. We call on visitors, especially in today’s pedophile scene, to protest during their visits. The misrepresentation that there is no consent contradicts the reality of life then, now, and in the future. Former contemporary witnesses and today’s pedophiles / pedosexuals should become politically active again and organize themselves.”

As recently revealed by Reduxx, the German Bundestag last month accepted a petition outlining children’s rights which was drafted by the founder of K13, Dieter Gieseking — who has previously spent time in prison for charges related to the possession and distribution of child pornography. Gieseking’s petition seeks to amend Article 6 of the Basic Law to add statements regarding children’s rights, and states that “children should be viewed as legal subjects with their own rights.”

Among the rights listed within the petition’s text is the assertion that children have “the right to have a say in all matters that affect their emotional, mental and physical well-being,” and “the right to the free development of their personality.”

“Sexual self-determination” is included in Article 2 of the Basic Law under the phrase “free development of personality,” a fact that Gieseking made certain to point out to his followers on his website.

Significantly, Gieseking has previously mocked feminists and lesbians in posts published to the K13 website, stating: “The ethos of feminism and lesbians becomes clear… they ignorantly claim there are no consensual sexual relationships between adults and children.”

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