Donald Trump And His Missing Billions

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s worth is not as huge as he claims.

Forbes magazine has estimated Donald Trump’s wealth to be a mere fraction of what he purports it to be.

The Donald is not happy that the established magazine responsible for revealing the worth of the wealthiest among us, has reduced his worth to just over a third of its estimated value.

The Billionaire businessman and Republican Presidential front-runner thinks that the establishment is out to make him look bad and as poor as possible.

Independent Journal Review reports:

In fact, when the billionaire real estate mogul turned in his financial disclosure report to the Federal Election Commission last summer after declaring his intentions to run for president, he claimed that his net worth was “in excess of TEN BILLION DOLLARS” (emphasis Trump’s):

While it is admittedly difficult to accurately calculate the financial holdings of the world’s richest individuals, nearly every financial analyst or reporter who has looked into Trump’s assets over the last few decades has struggled to validate his claims.

That includes the top brass at Forbes magazine, which has been publishing a list of the wealthiest Americans each year for decades.

Last year, the magazine estimated Trump’s wealth to be approximately $4.5 billion — far less than the “TEN BILLION” Trump claims to have amassed but still the highest net value the magazine’s ever assigned to the billionaire businessman throughout its 30+ years of publishing the list.

Trump did not take well to Forbes’s devaluation of his assets at the time, something which editor Randall Lane noted in its write-up last fall:

“I think you’re trying to make me as poor as possible,” says Trump, whose campaign filings claim that this year alone his worth has risen from $8.7 billion ($3.3 billion of that from brand goodwill) to more than $10 billion. Over the course of our interviews, he raises that to “much more than 10 billion” and says that another “respected magazine that’s coming out” is going with $11.5 billion.

“You’re gonna look bad,” he adds. “And look, all I can say is FORBES is a bankrupt magazine, doesn’t know what they’re talking about. That’s all I’m gonna say. ‘Cause it’s embarrassing to me.”

The billionaire businessman even went on to accuse Forbes of using “a different methodology” to evaluate his finances than it does for the other members of the Forbes 400.

Now another top financial magazine is about to release its own evaluation of Trump’s assets, and it’s really going to set Trump into a rage.

According to The New York Post, Fortune magazine plans on reporting in its May 1st edition that the GOP presidential candidate’s assets are now just $3.72 billion. It even plans on using an 8-year-old photo of the real estate mogul reportedly “flipping the bird” at someone while on his cell phone as its cover image.

In responding to the new evaluation, Trump told the Post that “Fortune has totally lost its way” and “has no idea” how to calculate his financials.

Regardless of what Trump’s actual worth is, he can still take solace in potentially being the richest person ever to run for president…

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