‘Galactic Federation’: US Gov’t Working With Aliens on Mars, Says Israel’s Space Chief

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US government working with aliens on Mars, says former Israeli space chief

Aliens have been in contact with the US government for years and have agreed to keep secret their experiments on Earth – as well as their secret base on Mars – until humans are “ready” to accept them, the former head of Israel’s space program claims.

“The aliens have asked not to announce that they are here [because] humanity is not ready yet,” Haim Eshed told Israeli paper Yedioth Aharonoth.

“Trump was on the verge of revealing [aliens existence], but the aliens in the Galactic Federation are saying, ‘Wait, let people calm down first,’” Eshed continued.

“They don’t want to start mass hysteria. They want to first make us sane and understanding.”

Until the day mankind is ready, extraterrestrials have signed an agreement with the U.S. government to keep their existence top-secret, Eshed claims.

“They have been waiting for humanity to evolve and reach a stage where we will generally understand what space and spaceships are.”

“There’s an agreement between the US government and the aliens. They signed a contract with us to do experiments here. They, too, are researching and trying to understand the whole fabric of the universe, and they want us as helpers.”

Nypost.com reports: One of the hubs of the cooperation is a base on Mars — where, by the way, Eshed claims American astronauts have already set foot.

“There’s an underground base in the depths of Mars, where their representatives are, and also our American astronauts,” Eshed reportedly said.

Eshed acknowledged that it all sounds like science fiction, but claimed that some of his peers are coming around.

“If I had come up with what I’m saying today five years ago, I would have been hospitalized. Wherever I’ve gone with this in academia, they’ve said, ‘The man has lost his mind,’” he reportedly said. “Today they’re already talking differently. I have nothing to lose. I’ve received my degrees and awards, I am respected in universities abroad, where the trend is also changing.”

Former President Barack Obama recently refused in an interview with “Late Show” funnyman Stephen Colbert to confirm or deny the existence of extraterrestrial life based on top-secret US records — a move Colbert jokingly took as tacit confirmation.


    Do not expect their bullsh** to improve because they think us retarded children. Remember, they expect us to believe Jeffrey Epstein killed himself and Biden won fair and square.

    • Why wouldn’t humans be on Mars? We’ve had EM field propulsion for decades, and Mars isn’t very far. We only need a pressure vessel of 14 psi so life support isn’t an issue. There have been no technological obstacles to building colonies on Mars for the past 70 years.

  2. There are many idiots that believe this kind of tripe.. and the concurrent rumors of secret Alien Tech super weapons and technologies that the US will unleash on The Enemy (whoever the heck they are) and save the world for unlimited energy production, consumerism and a DOW at $1 million! for all time, Amen!

  3. This is all part of a gradually leaked disclosure. These “aliens” are not mainly extraterrestrial, but are extradimensional. When they finally reveal themselves to the news media of the world, it will be to promote their agenda, which is: “…And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the Beast (the Antichrist and his government); and they worshiped the Dragon (Satan), because he gave his authority to the Beast…” (Revelation 13:3-4). Instead, no matter what, believe in and rely on Jesus of Nazareth, King of kings and Lord of lords, the cosmic Lord of all that exists, visible and invisible. He will save you from being lost forever in the deception that is to come.

  4. If by aliens he means demons……i agree. This is preprogramming for the fake alien invasion, the return of the nephillim and their demonic offspring. Hard to believe but they once roamed the land before the flood and will again, the Greeks called them the titans, the summerians the Annunaki, the giant white gods to the mayans…..most religions are based on preflood fallen angel and nephillim worship. Nimrod reignited this religion after the flood and deified himself and his wife as well (sun god moon god). Lucifer and other angels rebelled and fell to earth and took wives of the daughters of man, their offspring was the nephillim (genesis 6 kjv), demons are the spirits of dead nephillim. The fallen angels are bound in sheoul until the end days. Lucifer was never bound as of yet and roams the earth like a lion looking from whom he can devour, his time is short, thank Jesus Yahshua

  5. Werner von Braun made similar references 40-odd years ago. Aliens (Nephilim) have never left from the old days. The ‘ET” thing will be the next delusion.

    • Yep. von Braun, Kurt Debus, and Walter Dornberger….alll SS Nazis under Himler working on the most advanced projects. Under Op. Paperclip they were al installed at the highest levels of US Aerospace. Why do you think that was? Who do you think flew over DC in 1952 in a power move. Space aliens or Germans? What’s more believable?

      • I’ve read there are about 31 levels of security above TOP SECRET. Find someone with that clearance and you might get an answer. Years ago, I listened to an interview with John Lear, who seems to be the guy with the most “knowledge” about ET’s. However, he argues that there is no God, so I take what he says with a grain of salt.

  6. This is more believable than Elon Musk, the stoner kid from Pay Pal is supposed to be our best hope to put a man on Mars?

    The Israelis don’t like it because the senior partners of the US in space are Germans.

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