Gates Foundation Insider Admits ‘The Pandemic Was a Hoax’

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Breaking news out of the Gates Foundation as a former high-level scientist employed by Bill Gates to work on vaccines has admitted that there was no Covid pandemic.

Breaking news out of the Gates Foundation as a former high-level scientist employed by Bill Gates to work on vaccines has admitted that there was no Covid pandemic.

According to the virologist, the Covid mRNA vaccines rolled out by governments around the world were not needed because was no pandemic, just a tightly choreographed military grade psy-op to brainwash the masses into rolling up their sleeves for an experimental vaccine with disastrous consequences.

But it gets even worse. The psy-op is still in full swing. The next phase of the plot against humanity involves rolling out the “everything vaccine” and the mainstream media machine is lurching into action to convince the masses to get juiced up to the gills with the latest generation of self-assembling nanobot mRNA technology.

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In December last year the People’s Voice warned that Pfizer was planning to capitalize on exploding turbo cancer cases around the world.

Of course, the mainstream media and fact checkers accused us of being “conspiracy theorists” and claimed that cancer cases were not going to increase.

Well, chalk this one up as yet another vindication for the so-called “conspiracy theorists” because in 2024 doctors are warning that rare and aggressive forms of cancer are exploding and many young and healthy vaccinated people are dying within days of being diagnosed with turbo cancers.

Pfizer’s $43 billion bet became even more suspicious this week after CEO Albert Bourla boasted last “cancer is the new Covid” and that Big Pharma is planning to reap massive profits from from the sale of cancer drugs and so-called “everything vaccines.”

How much are Pfizer paying Fox host Elizabeth Claman to push their dangerous products? Anderson Cooper is receiving $12 million per year.

Mainstream media have their work cut out for them because Bill Gates has admitted to testing self-assembling nanoparticle technology on the public using Covid mRNA shots.

According to Gates, who isn’t a doctor or scientist, his researchers are going to “mess around” with self-assembling nanoparticle technology in mRNA vaccines because it’s “dirt cheap” and soon they will have mRNA vaccines for “every disease.”

Bill Gates wasn’t joking about messing around with self-assembling nanobots and rolling out mRNA vaccines for everything.

Scientists are now trying to convince the masses to line up for a vaccine that supposedly works on viruses they haven’t even discovered yet.

Rory Hills, a graduate researcher at the Gates-funded University of Cambridge’s department of pharmacology, boasted: “We’ve created a vaccine that provides protection against a broad range of different coronaviruses — including ones we don’t even know about yet.”

If you find this idea disturbing, wait until you hear what a Gates insider has to say about this development.

Gates’s former virologist has blown the whistle about his former employer’s dark plans for humanity and warns of a coming “wave of morbidity” and “mortality” among the Covid mRNA vaccinated.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, the former Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation scientist and vaccine expert, warns that Gates’ mRNA push will result in worldwide populations experiencing a “completely unprecedented” plunge.

Bossche predicts that the death toll will be “up to 30-40% in highly vaccinated countries.”

Bossche is not alone in blowing the lid off the Covid pandemic psy-op and revealing that the real carnage and death is yet to arrive.

2,000 pages of secret German government documents obtained via Freedom of Information requests and lawsuits corroborate Bossche’s claims and reveal that we were right about nearly everything and the so-called “pandemic” was all fraud.

These facts are damning and prove the official narrative about Covid, pushed by world governments and mainstream media, is completely bogus.

Which raises the question, what were the tyrannical lockdowns and mandates really about?

Breaking down vaccine hesitancy through brutal lockdowns and crushing the spirit of the people was always the goal of the global elite.

Unfortunately, for those who did not see through the psy-op at the time, the health consequences are increasingly dire.

It’s vitally important that as many people as possible are made aware of this truth.

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