Pfizer Forced To Apologise for Peddling ‘Dangerous Fake News’ About mRNA Shots

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Pfizer forced to apologise for misleading ads about their dangerous mRNA jabs.

Pfizer has been forced to apologise to the public for peddling false and misleading claims about their dangerous mRNA shots to the public.

A U.K. regulatory agency found that top Pfizer employees “brought discredit” on the Big Pharma industry when they made misleading claims promoting an “unlicensed medicine” in tweets about the COVID-19 vaccine, The Telegraph reported Sunday. reports: The Defender from UK reports:

The Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA), an independent, self-regulatory body established by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, ruled that the company breached five rules in its Code of Practice for advertising.

U.K. pharmaceutical industry watchdog UsForThem filed the complaint with the PMCPA in February 2023. The complaint pertained to 2020 tweets by top Pfizer executives, including U.K. Medical Director Berkeley Phillips. The tweets were still visible on social media when the complaint was filed.

The organization alleged that Pfizer “misleadingly and illegally promoted its COVID-19 vaccine” by reporting very high relative efficacy rates without providing information about absolute efficacy rates or required information about safety.

UsForThem said it was important to file this complaint two years later because “such misbehavior was even more widespread” than they had previously thought, extending “right to the top” of Pfizer’s U.K. operation and “was apparently continuing to this very day.”

Commenting on the significance of the findings, Daniel O’Conner of Trial Site News, which also covered the story, told The Defender, “Pfizer’s behavior throughout the pandemic has been truly outrageous. And of course the aim — big money.”

O’Connor said Pfizer’s “corporate behavior during the pandemic,” as revealed by this and other PMCPA rulings, is “just as insidious” as the problems with the regulatory pathways for the drugs and major flaws in the clinical trials themselves that Trial Site News has been tracking.

Pfizer has a clear track record of acting as an “unacceptable profiteering enterprise during the worst pandemic in a century,” he added. “The question we have is who empowered them in government.”

The complaint focused on a tweet Pfizer’s Phillips shared on Twitter, now X, originally made by a U.S.-based Pfizer employee. The tweet stated:

“Our vaccine candidate is 95% effective in preventing COVID-19, and 94% effective in people over 65 years old. We will file all of our data with health authorities within days. Thank you to every volunteer in our trial, and to all who are tirelessly fighting this pandemic.”

The PMCPA investigatory panel found that four Pfizer U.K. employees had re-tweeted the post and others had “liked” it. They said it was likely that members of the public and health professionals would have seen the tweet.

The panel agreed with the UsForThem’s allegations that the message had limited efficacy information and no safety information, in violation of rules about misleading the public and providing accurate safety data.

The panel also pointed out that the existing codes of conduct prohibit the promotion of medicines before their market authorization. Yet, in direct violation of the codes, Pfizer employees’ tweets resulted in “an unlicensed medicine being proactively disseminated on Twitter to health professionals and members of the public in the UK,” the panel found.

The tweets also violated Pfizer’s own policy that prohibits Pfizer employees from interacting with social media related to the company’s medicines and vaccines.

The PMCPA panel concluded that “Pfizer brought discredit upon and reduced confidence in the pharmaceutical industry,” which it noted is a serious censure that it reserves for serious violations such as this one where a company promoted a drug before it had even been authorized.

Cases found to have brought discredit on the industry are advertised in the medical, pharmaceutical and nursing press.

A Pfizer U.K. spokesman said that the company “fully recognises and accepts the issues highlighted by this PMCPA ruling,” and that it is “deeply sorry,” according to The Telegraph.

Pfizer also said it would review its employees’ use of social media to ensure they comply with current codes and to prevent such problems in the future.

The paper also reported that Phillips, whose re-tweet was primarily at issue, said the post was “accidental and unintentional.” He added, “That said, we immediately accepted the case ruling and do everything we can to ensure that our employees adhere to our strict social media policy and the industry Code of Practice when using their personal social media.”

Pfizer was reprimanded by the regulator over its unethical promotion of the COVID-19 vaccine six times.

On March 4, a few days after PMCPA announced its ruling on the 2020 tweets promoting the vaccine, the agency also announced a second ruling, finding Pfizer breached another clause in the code of conduct in a 2022 tweet by Pfizer UK that “failed to maintain professional standards.”

That ruling, also issued in response to a complaint filed by UsForThem, pertained to a series of three tweets posted on Pfizer UK’s Twitter feed that included a link to a Pulse Today article.

That tweet said:

“As the UK enters its first ‘unlocked winter’ since 2019, our [named senior Pfizer medical employee] explains the devastating impact that respiratory diseases can have during the colder months. #WinterPressures.”

The tweet linked to a promotional article — reposted here — commissioned by Pfizer on a website for healthcare professionals, but wasn’t clearly marked as promotional content paid for by Pfizer.

The PMCPA in this case said it was concerned that the tweets were available to the general public when the material in the PulseToday article was intended for healthcare professionals. This violated the high standards created by the codes of conduct, regulators said.

In February 2023, the agency found that Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, Ph.D., made “misleading” and “unqualified” comments promoting the use of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines for young children during an interview on the BBC.

So, you’re not happy with the free french fries idea for compensation?

How about this.

How about ALL of their assets seized and distributed to ALL those affected?

That’s the bare minimum, I think.

Then maybe we’ll say a prayer for Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla as he goes up his final steps.


I’m surprised those at Pfizer haven’t been greeted by a mob bearing pitchforks and a rope by now.

No matter how many times people who went against the grain regarding “the science” get redemption, it’s never enough.

The shots that were supposed to stop Covid don’t.

The drugs some talking heads said were ineffective turned out to be beneficial.

And now we come to the pharmaceutical “breakthrough” drug Paxlovid.

A new study from the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) has indicated that Paxlovid, a combination of nirmatrelvir and ritonavir, doesn’t help people with Covid-19.

Here is part of the conclusion in the study from NEMJ:

The time to sustained alleviation of all signs and symptoms of Covid-19 did not differ significantly between participants who received nirmatrelvir–ritonavir and those who received placebo.

Not many are surprised by the recent study.

It wasn’t long ago that making such an outrageous claim about an approved Covid remedy was grounds for being silenced on social media.

But even though that may not be the case any longer, the chances major media outlets will report on this failure is slim.

Even so, it’s another feather in the cap of everyone who questioned the efficacy of these new drugs.

Something else people were pointing out after Paxlovid hit the market was how it seemed to increase the chances of rebound infection of the disease it was supposed to deter.

What else is Paxlovid doing to those who take it?

Many were harassed for years about spreading “misinformation” concerning Covid and its potential remedies.

Is anyone ever going to be held accountable for approving drugs that, at best, are completely ineffective and a waste of money?

Here’s a blast from the past NBC News wrote about Paxlovid increasing the chances of “viral load rebound” nearly two years ago:

Scientific documentation about post-Paxlovid relapse has actually been available since last fall. Pfizer’s application to the FDA for emergency use authorization of Paxlovid stated that in the placebo-controlled clinical trial — which included 2,246 participants — “several subjects appeared to have a rebound in SARS-CoV-2 RNA levels around Day 10 or Day 14” after beginning treatment.

In a statement, Pfizer spokesperson Longley said that in Paxlovid’s clinical trial, the rare cases of the coronavirus rebounding soon after participants completed treatment occurred at a similar rate among those who received a placebo.

“We did not see an association between the observed viral load increase and subsequent severe disease,” Longley said. “Although it is too early to determine the cause, this suggests the observed increase in viral load is unlikely to be related to Paxlovid.”

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