General Flynn & Steve Bannon Blast Joe Biden Over Putin’s Ukraine Invasion

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Flunn and Bannon on Biden-Ukraine

Former Trump National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn and former Trump advisor Steve Bannon both blasted Joe Biden on Thursday following Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine.

Bannon believes, or at least hopes, that Biden will be impeached when Republicans have a majority in the House and Senate after the 2022 midterm elections.

He claims that once that happens “We’re going to get into every detail of every penny his family stole out of there from the Ukrainian people, from the kleptocrats in Ukraine that were his partners. We’re going to get to every penny of everything the Clintons and Biden and his corrupt Democrats have skimmed off the top.”

General Flynn said there were faults on both sides but added that “President Biden and his failed foreign policy team set the table” for Putin’s move.

YourNews reports: Regarding Russia’s military strikes on Ukraine, Bannon asked, “Where is the tough talk? Tough-talking Joe. They called your bluff dude.”

The Trump confidant continued, noting Putin’s acknowledgment of Ukraine being corrupted and looted by the Clintons and Bidens just as they have done in Sub-Saharan Africa and Haiti.

Bannon wondered, “Where is tough-talking Joe Biden? Is Hunter over there today? Is Hunter over there with his business partners, sitting there with a Ukraine flag? Where is Hunter? Is he in his art gallery? Is he with more strippers? Is he smoking more crack?”

Meanwhile, former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn published a written statement Thursday, writing, “With the price of oil pushing above $100 per barrel, the U.S. Stock market opening with heavy losses, more global economic challenges looming, the real potential for significant loss of life, and the international community in complete disarray with feeble attempts to condemn what was totally avoidable, we face the onset of another very grave and historic period of tension between competing ideologies and worse, the onset of WWIII.”

Flynn claimed the “invasion” was avoidable, explaining, “President Biden and his failed foreign policy team set the table and sent the invitation and President Putin came and spoiled the dinner party.”

The general acknowledged, “there are fault lines on both sides,” before adding, “but, we must pray that those affected without an ability to decide their fate, are able to survive this extraordinary period of world history.”

There will be military members and civilians killed and wounded, but we must pray the scope of the war is limited, Flynn wrote.

The letter questions the Biden administration’s decision to shut down the Keystone pipeline and America’s energy independence while enabling Russia and Germany to reopen the Nordstream pipeline.

“Let us not forget the Afghanistan disaster, the myriad lies about COVID, a certain Biden-owned laptop, and a fraudulent presidential election that has massive amounts of evidence coming out daily…all while China gets a pass,” Flynn noted, citing these issues as reasons Americans distrust their government.

He added, “President Putin calculated this strategic, historic, and geographic play and made the decision to move, and he did. All that stated above, there will never be justification for this invasion or any other form of invasion. However, never forget that war results when diplomacy fails.”

“May God watch over and protect those in harm’s way and may God continue to bless and protect the United States of America,” Flynn concluded the statement.

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