Insider: George Michael Was ‘Suicided’

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An insider claims the establishment did not want George Michael in the 'limelight' and that his demise had been planned a few years ago when he had became too 'vocal' about the establishment and 'political matters'.

An insider has claimed that the establishment did not want George Michael in the ‘limelight’ and that his demise had been planned a few years ago when he had started getting too ‘vocal’ about the ‘powers that be’ and ‘political matters‘.

Michael was anti establishment, anti-war, pro- Palestinian and a vigorous opponent of the 2003 Iraq War.

In 2002 he released “Shoot the Dog,” a song that lampooned the then British Prime Minister Tony Blair for his close relationship with former US President George W. Bush.

The video that accompanied the song caused a great wave of controversy as it portrayed Blair as Bush’s poodle.

Michael was planning a comeback for 2017 and was working on a new album that would have been the late singer’s first recording since 2014.

A post-mortem examination into the cause of George Michael’s death has been inconclusive, police have confirmed.

In a statement they have said “further tests will now be carried out” to determine exactly what happened.

Meanwhile on Sunday morning George Michael’s partner allegedly posted a series of tweets claiming that the late singer took his own life after numerous suicide attempts.

According to Fadi Fawaz “The only thing George wanted is to DIE. He tried numbers of times to kill himself many times and finally he managed”. It is not known whether Fadi’s Twitter account had been hacked, but the posts and the account have since been deleted.

The singer was found dead at his Oxfordshire home on Christmas day with initial reports claiming he had died of heart failure.

Fadi, who found the liefeless body, told the Mirror that the couple spent the night apart: “I fell asleep in my car and I never saw him that night.”

The Daily Express reports:

Fadi had previously tweeted: “It’s a xmas I will never forget finding your partner dead peacefully in bed first thing in the morning.. I will never stop missing you xx.”

It comes as the post-mortem examination into the death of the 53-year-old singer proved “inconclusive”, with further tests to be carried out, police said.

Found dead at his home in Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, on Christmas Day, Michael’s publicist said his family and friends had been “touched beyond words” by the “incredible outpouring of love” from fans, adding there were no suspicious circumstances around his death.

Thames Valley Police said: “The cause of death is inconclusive and further tests will now be carried out. The results of these tests are unlikely to be known for several weeks.


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