Michael Moore: Trump Is A ‘Filthy’ Russian

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Leftist activist Michael Moore accuses Donald Trump of being a secret Russian

Liberal activist and filmmaker Michael Moore has accused President Donald Trump of working for the Russians, arguing he should be locked up in prison for treason.

In a hysterical tirade of abuse, the far-left extremist tweeted a series of attacks at Trump, designed to stir up anti-Russian feelings amid the current “deep state” coup d’etat against the White House.

Moore is calling on Trump to resign, claiming that he “must have known” about the phone call between Michael Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Infowars.com reports:

Flynn “did not make that Russian call on his own,” Moore suggested, claiming he was “instructed to do so” directly by Trump.

“He’s only the first to go. One by one they will drop until the so-called president is told ‘you’re fired.’ Up next, Miller and Bannon,” Moore tweeted.

Moore went on to call Trump a “Russian traitor” and demand he resign or face impeachment.

“I and tens of millions of Americans demand that the weak and spineless Democrats bring Congress to a halt until investigative hearings are held and impeachment charges are filed,” he said in a post on Facebook. “We don’t want to hear you Dems huff and puff and grandstand and take symbolic actions.”

“We demand that you halt all actions being taken by an illegitimately elected government until this matter is resolved.”

Moore called on newly-confirmed Attorney General “J Beauregard Sessions” to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate “these potentially treasonous acts.”

“Somehow, our judicial system has to find a way to make restitution to this country,” he continued. “Pence can’t be president as he, too, was elected under this same fraud. The court has to rule either that the President is the winner of the popular vote OR the election must be held over.”

“The Republicans – the beneficiaries of this treason – cannot be allowed to hold on to the power by default.”

“If it turns out there’s a traitor in the White House, the judicial branch must find a fair, peaceful way to un-do and then re-do the election of 2016,” he added.

Mass. Representative Seth Moulton, during an appearance on CNN, suggested that any members of the Trump campaign or administration who were “conspiring” with Russia were committing “treason.”

“Do you think Flynn acted alone when he made that phone call to the Russian ambassador in Washington?” asked host Wolf Blitzer.

“I don’t think that anything in Washington happens alone. Certainly not a call with the ambassador to our number one enemy for the last 65 years,” Moulton said. “I mean, let’s not lose perspective on exactly who we’re talking about here. Russia is the number one enemy of the United States of America.”

“If members of the administration are essentially conspiring with Russia, either through the campaign earlier or now in the administration itself, look, that’s the definition of treason.”

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