WEF Declares People Have No Right To Own Their Own Cars: ‘You Can Walk or Share’

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Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum has declared that people have no right to own their own car and can instead “walk or share.” According to the WEF, far too many people own their own vehicles and this situation must be corrected by pricing them out of the market.

Thousands of private jets fly into Davos each year for the WEF’s annual summit, but according to Klaus Schwab ordinary people should not own their own car.

In a paper published by the WEF, the Davos elites claim that communal sharing of cars must become part of a “circular approach” in order to reduce global demands for precious metals and fossil fuels.

The global elites in Geneva, Switzerland, are now instructing their Young Global Leaders embedded in governments around the world that far too many people own private vehicles and they must be priced out of the market with massive gas price hikes.

Citing the fact that “the average car or van in England is driven just 4% of the time,” the WEF claims this means people in developed countries including the United States should not have the right to own their own car. People should sell their car and walk or share because “Car sharing platforms such as Getaround and BlueSG have already seized that opportunity to offer vehicles where you pay per hour used.”

And it’s not just cars.

The end of private ownership is essential, according to the WEF, and can be applied to everything from cars to private homes and even city-wide design principles.

A design process that focuses on fulfilling the underlying need instead of designing for product purchasing is fundamental to this transition,” the WEF sets out. “This is the mindset needed to redesign cities to reduce private vehicles and other usages.”

Part of the “circular approach” appears to be driving already sky-high gas prices even higher.

In an article published earlier this month, the WEF issued a call to its legion of Young Global Leaders, stating the gas prices we are experiencing in 2022 are simply not high enough. As though ordinary people aren’t suffering enough pain at the gas pump, Klaus Schwab is claiming the current prices are severely “underpriced.”

Thousands of private jets deliver elites to Davos, Switzerland for the WEF’s annual summit, yet ordinary people should not have the right to own private vehicles, according to Schwab.

The WEF article is complicated and disingenuous, but it basically calls for an end to any and all tax credits for oil, gas and coal production — along with higher taxes. This idea isn’t new. Basically it’s the same idea as pricing fossil fuels based upon their carbon content. The result would make gas an unaffordable luxury for the vast majority of the population.

Via the WEF:

First, leading democracies should agree to end the underpricing of fossil fuels, which is the principal factor preventing a clean energy transition. The underpricing associated with producing and burning coal, oil and gas amounted to $5.9 trillion in economic costs in 2020. Nearly a quarter of these losses – $1.45 trillion – occurred in 48 major and smaller democracies.

The leading democracies of the G20 should collectively commit to phasing out cost and tax breaks for the production and consumption of fossil fuels. They should also phase in more efficient pricing of fossil fuels through taxes or tradable permits to cover the costs of local air pollution, global warming, and other economic damages.World Economic Forum: “Transitioning to green energy is key to both tackling climate change and creating sustainable economies. Here’s why”

There are three more provisions you can read about at the WEF website, all of which would massively increase the price of fossil fuels across the board. The WEF justify this with this statement:

By delaying a clean energy transition, leading democracies are making their economies more vulnerable through continued reliance on fossil fuels. Collectively acting to foster a green transition is not only good for the climate but also critical for protecting democracy.

The key point in Klaus Schwab’s latest proclamation is that that fossil fuels are presently “underpriced“. Of course, US consumers are presently paying the “market price” for these fuels. Apparently the “market price” is too low for the WEF.

This leads us to the big question. How long — weeks, days, months — before we see the Biden administration take regulatory action to comply with this WEF edict?

What are the odds on an Executive Order?


Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Why the fk is this unelected stooge telling countries what to do? and why is every G7 country infiltrated by these WEF criminals> Trudeau and his cabinet for example are exfiltrated WEF losers now running politics in Canada. Funny how the G7 countries all have Young Global Leaders from WEF in charge, kind of like the WEF globalist ELITE are installing them there through rigged elections.
    This ahole schwab does not speak for anybody, he is pushing his fourth industrial revolution which in the eyes of the globalist cabal really is the fourth reich continued.

    • You are absolutely correct about the WEF infiltrating our government and others via rigged elections, best examples: uSofA in 2020 and 2022 and Brazil in 2022! But yes they have infiltrated every western style nation and Schwab is a gross person who not only does not deserve to rule the world, let alone continue to live on it!

      • Agree. I’d also love to see the guillotines that Obozo bought to use on us used on them instead. Hate to see them go to waste.

        • I heard rumors about that, anything substantial you can provide. I am not doubting you one bit, just never came across anything on the internet to give it credence. but I would not be shocked at all

          • I didn’t save anything on it & read it years ago. There were even videos of the coffins that held multiple bodies being stored.

          • Yes it is true. Comey loved watching the homeless without family that he had rounded up at the rate of 50 per week to murder by guillotine, but one week they just happened to have brought in a man AND his son witnessed his abduction and followed the vehicle and witnessed his father be beheaded, he told the story. The white hats gave Comey a Tribunal, convicted him of crimes against humanity and executed him by guillotine and confiscated all the guillotines that Obama had had stored in a warehouse. Many people put the site down saying it’s all fiction but the author of the articles there has not had one single lawsuit brought against him for naming names in his articles, but you can read all this info about what has been happening at GITMO at real raw news. One can get even more information by reading the comments there.

  2. One house has 10 bedrooms and one bathroom, another has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, which house uses more water?

  3. gots me an old chevy and a yoda 4 wheel drive NO COMPUTERS on any of it they cant shut mine down so eff off nwo I WILL NOT COMPLY for you slavers

  4. There’s a lot of good ideas coming out of thee, ideas I had decades ago And one I believe strongly in is people are far too stupid because they don’t walk enough and so have bad circulation from bei g totally dependent on their cars It’s, pathetic actually how people will drive across the road to work.. Will drive their kids to school which is a 10 minute bike ride or 20 minute walk. Will drive to work when their office is a 5 minute walk. And peiple, MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of them just driving around on circles for something to do. For a pastime because they’re bored.

  5. This is exactly what the NWO/satanic cabal would do to us if they won. God wins, we win. They fail & will be completely annihilated. Which is what He commanded the children of Israel to do in the Old Testament to the Canaanites. They didn’t do it. If they had, our entire world would have been spared all the suffering, destruction & death their descendants have perpetrated these thousands of years. Praise God, we will see the end of them & then live in a world without their horrendous evil.

    • He actually a satanist and participates in all that implies! Everyone in the WEF are satanists, which is why they want to kill off 7.5 billion people by 2030 and enslave the half a billion Asians they intend to keep alive sans any kind of free will.

  6. Mr schwab only wants what’s best for us peons. All the problems Herr Schwab talks about would be solved if he would go back to where he hatched from which, I believe, was Satan’s ass.

  7. If they hadn’t created huge shopping centres far from homes and often with poor public transport and hiked the prices in all small local shops we wouldn’t need to use our cars so much. These elites who think they’re some sort of feudal monarch need to be removed.

    • Schwab means cockroach in some languages. You see the likeness. Cockroach and his buddies want to get rid of humans so they could enjoy clean world. But with them in it the world can never be clean.

  8. I wonder what would happen if all the “elites” — meaning billionaires — were instantly dead. I wonder how much better off the world would be if there was a rule that any single person whose net worth rose above $1B would be instantly killed. I wonder if that would incentivize lower costs and higher wages.

    I wonder…

  9. You want to evil in it’s purest form? Do a web search on Klaus Schwab, his main squeeze, Yuval Noah Harriri, Bill gates, Anthony (off shore account) Fauci, And all the Chicken Hawks in Congress who chomp at the bit, forever trying to get Americas sons and daughters involved in the latest war. But, of course, Their sons and daughters are always exempt. Didn’t Hunter get kicked out the navy for testing positive for cocaine?

    Regarding Herr Schwab’s latest rant. Does he plan on sharing his jet? I will get rid of my car as soon as my pet pig, Lucy, flys away. Schwab and all the rest of these psychopaths need to go back to where they came from and crawl back up Satan’s ass.

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