George Soros Vows To Exclude Facebook, Google From FCC Rules

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George Soros demands Google, Facebook become exempt from FCC rules

George Soros has vowed to protect internet giants Facebook and Google from any FCC rules that would threaten their monopoly on the internet. 

On Wednesday morning, ahead of FCC chairman Ajit Pai taking the first steps in repealing Obama’s Net Neutrality rules, two Soros-funded organizations held a press conference on the matter. reports:

In their prepared statements, the Soros-funded partisan advocacy groups and the Democratic Senators promised to oppose the Trump administration’s repeal of the Obama-era ‘Net Neutrality’ rules by organizing a “protest tsunami” to flood Congress and the FCC with phone calls and letters designed to push the leftist Internet agenda.

During the press conference, asked the following question: “Given that almost all real-world examples of blocking or prioritizing content are occurring on the monopoly platforms of Google, Twitter and Facebook, would you support applying ‘Net Neutrality’ rules of no throttling, no prioritization and no blocking of lawful content to massive Silicon Valley content gatekeepers like Google and Facebook?”

The initial reaction of those holding the press conference was stunned silence, deciding how to respond to, given that the other journalists on the call had asked only sympathetic, soft-ball questions to that point.

Craig Aaron, president and CEO of Free Press, finally answered by attempting to distinguish that major telecommunications companies and the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are the only groups regulated by the Obama-era FCC “Net Neutrality” rules because they connect users to the Internet, while the monopoly gatekeeper platforms like Google, Twitter, and Facebook are exempt from regulation by the Obama-era FCC “Net Neutrality” rules.

Yet, Aaron hedged in his answer.

“Certainly, we can look at the power big platforms have,” Aaron conceded.  “That needs to be kept an eye on.  There are privacy concerns and many other issues that have to do with the growing power of a Google, or a Facebook, or an Amazon, but the reality is that in this case, when we’re talking about the wires going into peoples’ houses, the gatekeeper power rests with the ISPs.”

Concerned the answer was non-responsive, asked a follow-up question, pressing that the actual cases of Internet censorship occurring today involve not the telecommunications companies and the ISPs connecting people to the Internet, but the monopoly gatekeeper platforms like Google, Twitter, and Facebook that are exempt from the Obama-era FCC “Net Neutrality” rules.

“The basis of the question is that it’s an arbitrary distinction not to also apply these same ‘Net Neutrality’ rules to the massive content gatekeepers,” continued asking.  “Why just single out ISPs, and have a different set of rules for the Googles, the Twitters, and the Facebooks?”

“Here’s the bottom line,” Aaron answered, not addressing the point that the monopoly content providers, like Google, were Internet entities today censoring content, not the ISPs. “You can choose not to use Facebook, or Yahoo, or (, but you can’t choose not to have broadband.”

Immediately after asked its question, the participants concluded the telephone press conference.

On March 12, 2015, Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller reported that the 400-page document released by the Obama-controlled FCC when issuing the Obama-era “Net Neutrality Rules” made 46 references to Free Press, a group the Daily Caller characterized as “funded by billionaire George Soros and co-founded by a neo-Marxist.”

Ross noted the term “Free Press” was mentioned 62 times in the Obama-era “Net Neutrality” FCC rules.

“The FCC received more than 4 million public comments as it was weighing the net neutrality initiative, but Free Press and other activist groups have received the most attention by pressuring the FCC and the White House on behalf of their cause,” the Daily Caller noted.

“One argument made against the FCC’s regulatory push is that the general public is largely happy with its internet service,” the Daily Caller continued. “Support for net neutrality was seen as the domain of special interest groups like Free Press.”

On Feb. 25, 2015, the Media Research Center reported that Soros’ Open Foundation Society and the Ford Foundation had spent at least $196 million supporting Astroturf “public interest” groups pushing the left’s agenda to get the Obama-controlled FCC to issue “Net Neutrality” rules that would allow the Internet monopolies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook to remain free to censor content.

On April 5, 2017, reported the Soros-funded Fight for the Future (FFTF) was leading the charge to demonize President Trump over signing legislation to cancel the FCC’s Internet privacy rule. also reported that FFTF’s Campaign Director, Evan Greer (who participated in the Wednesday telephone press conference), is an LGBT activist with an extensive radical past, including having worked to free a convicted terrorist before joining FFTF.

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