German Government: Mass Migration Linked To Rise In Violent Crimes

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German government link rise in violent crimes to mass migration

A study conducted by the German government has found a direct link between mass migration in Germany and the rising level of violent crimes. 

Criminologists working on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs found that violent crimes dramatically rose by 92.1 per cent after Angela Merkel opened the door to migrants. reports: Migrants have been shown to commit far more violent acts proportionally to their size of the population in Germany and according to the researchers, they accounted for suspects in one in every eight violent crime cases.

The authors give several potential explanations as to why the migrant crime rate is so much higher than the rest of the population, saying that most migrants are men aged 14-30 who are the age bracket most likely to commit violent crimes.

The study also notes that crimes that occur within asylum homes are much more likely to be reported due to the presence of social workers and security guards.

In order to combat the rise of violent crimes among migrants, the researchers say the young migrant men should be put in sports programmes and other social projects.

Criminologist Christian Pfeiffer, one of the authors of the study, also noted the lack of women in the asylum homes and said the all-male environments tend to devolve into “violent masculine norms of legitimacy”.

Despite that, crime reports clearly indicate violent attacks still occurs in migrant homes despite the presence of women. In one infamous case last year an Afghan migrant killed the five-year-old son of a woman living in the same accommodation and was later shot dead by police. Female migrants have regularly been the victims of crimes, by their fellow migrants as well as those employed to protect them.

Since the height of the migrant crisis in 2015, cities like Berlin have seen migrants and non-Germans account for around half of all criminal suspects. Areas like Alexanderplatz or the Ebertplatz area in Cologne have been described as “no-go zones” due to the high number of young migrant gang members operating in them.

Asylum seekers have also been the alleged perpetrators of some of the most shocking murders in Germany in recent years, including the suspected rape and murder of Maria Ladenburger by 33-year-old Afghan Hussein Khavari and the recent fatal stabbing of a 15-year-old girl in Kandel.


  1. The whole world knew when merkel opened their borders what was going to happen..except for ANGELAtheMORON.. I mean are you fucking serious… and all this from the so called self professed master race….. what a fucking stupid race… fucking stupid crouts… lol

  2. The penny has dropped at last. Young migrant men between 14 and 30 have caused crime increase.
    Instead of putting them in sports and social programs why not send them home to rebuild their country and look after the old, the women—mothers, sisters that they have abandoned.
    They are not contributing anything to their host country and are causing areas to become unsafe. Harassing women is not cultural enrichment .

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