Germany Accuse Obama Of Fake War With ISIS, Saying “He’s Insane”

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Germany distance themselves from U.S. saying that Obama's war on ISIS is fake and that he is insane

The Ministry of Defense in Russia have issued a report saying that Germany’s top intelligence officials have decided to distance themselves from American “policies, aims and goals” in regard to the fight against ISIS in the Middle East, accusing President Obama of being “insane”.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has ordered the German Intelligence Service (BND) to liaise directly with Syria’s Military Intelligence Directorate (MID) by setting up an office with them in Syria.

The BND have accused Obama’s administration of acting recklessly following the explosive report by Seymour Hersh that says the Pentagon had shared intelligence on ISIS with the Syrian government behind the CIA’s and Obama’s back, and that Obama’s refusal to acknowledge the reality of the conflict could lead to World War III. reports:

With the Pentagon deliberately deceiving President Obama and the CIA by giving their intelligence to Germany to secretly pass to Syria, this report continues, this BND officer stated that the American leader “may be insane” due to his not even knowing what his own government/military/intelligence services are doing in a war that has such grave and historic implications for the entire world.

And as to how grave this war has become, this report notes, are new reports stating that the Saudi Arabian regime, backed by President Obama, may, in fact, be “falling apart at the seams”—and which new reports today have, also, surfaced showing that the UK government is furiously attempting to keep hidden from its people a secret pact made with Saudi Arabia to protect this evil regime at the cost of what could very well be thousands of British lives.

In the United States meanwhile, this report concludes, Obama regime mainstream propagandists continue to keep hidden from the American people the true facts of this war—even going to the extent where this past week, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski stunningly claimed that Islamic State terrorists were not to be feared, but that, instead, their nation should fear “white men with guns” who she claimed were “wrecking havoc”, in spite of true facts complied by the highly respected Brookings Institute showing that 77% of gun deaths in American attributed to white men were suicide—as opposed to 83% of gun deaths attributable to black men being homicide murders.