Future Cyber Crime & “Cyber-Possession”

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The curtain lifts. Your eyes slowly flutter open...

You look down and discover you are bathed in a pool of blood. Dead at your feet is a Politician; a letter opener is jammed into his chest.

Banging is heard at the door. His guards are shouting to get in. They bash open the door and charge into the room, guns trained right at you.

You’ve just committed an assassination, and you didn’t even realize it. Welcome to cyber crime of the future– a world where computers are integrated with the human brain, leaving people vulnerable to “cyber-possession.”

With human beings, we can only assume the software we install in our brains would be top-notch in sophistication. This means it would be capable of an internet connection, among other things. The internet is an open channel, and with it, anything connected becomes a potential doorway. In this case, the brain can be hacked into and even manipulated by the hacker.

We can already be compromised by cybernetics — a pacemaker can be hacked into and turned off, essentially issuing its user a death sentence.  Cybernetics in the brain will certainly be no exception. Just recently, we’ve seen implants of bionic eyes and 3-D printed human organs. Computerized enhancements in the brain seems to be the next crucial step in advancing our longevity. As the technology grows more sophisticated, our dependency on it will grow.  More and more people will be cybernetic, and therefore, a higher population of vulnerability will exist.

If your brain is hacked into, you could be rendered powerless as a hacker uses you for their own agenda. Theft, assassination, amusement– someone could even assemble an army of people to do their bidding, all under the powers of “cyber possession.”

It’s a terrifying scenario. When hacking first became a thing, laws against it didn’t exist. People had to commit the crimes to invent the laws. One can only hope that with the integration of neural cybernetic technology, the realization of its potential vulnerability will be an accompanying discourse.

Royce Christyn
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