Prince Harry Says The ‘World Is United With Ukraine’

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Prince Harry

During the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games on Saturday, Prince Harry declared that the “world is united” with Ukraine.

Speaking in The Hague, Harry said: “You know we stand with you. The world is united with you and still you deserve more.”

The Ukrainian team were given special permission by President Zelensky to compete at the competition for injured military veterans.

The BBC reports: The Duchess of Sussex introduced her husband to the opening ceremony’s audience of competitors and members of the Dutch royal family.

She spoke of the Ukrainian team’s presence at the event, saying it had taken a lot “both physically and emotionally” for every competitor to get to the Netherlands, “not least of which for the Ukraine team, who we are all standing with”.

Calling him her “incredible husband”, she described the duke as “the founder of the Invictus Games, and the father to our two little ones, Archie and Lili”.

The duke said in his address that the Ukrainian team had told him on Friday they had come “not simply to show your strength but to tell your truth, the truth, of what is happening in your country”.

“You know we stand with you. The world is united with you and still you deserve more,” the duke said.

“And my hope is that these events, this event, creates the opportunity in how we as a global community can better show up for you.”


    • Shouldn’t surprise too much when the British Royal Family are actually German and were the first to fly the Sacha Gotha Coburg flag when the Nazis started attacking citizens.

      • The ROMANOFFS were Victoria’s grand kids The Windsors can claim Russia as inherited since the tsars abdication was to his brother Muscha, who Lenin just had shot by firi g squad. Anastasia and the other children were Philips cousins. They want Russia That’s why they refused to let the family go to e gland when they abdicated. Part of the reason Privately they can justify claimng it. Not publicly. Not yet. There’s too much dirty laundry.

      • So if they had ONE German Ancestor Centuries ago they’re Germans .

        Prince Philip was partly Greek, partly Dutch .

        • Their only “ancestors” we need to see of concern, are the NEPHILIM. This Khazar SCUM is the enemy of mankind. Their feet will be standing in the Lake of Fire before this decade ends. These are the morons it was written for, “they shall seek death, but death shall flee from them.”

  1. Actually since he gave up his title he’s got a real nerve still doung his victory day charity act for the victims of e. Glish imperialism and pretending its about defending democracy. He’s got even more nerve making political statements and it’s no surprise he and the family hated Trump and favoured boulogical warfare crimes being committed against humanity by the Biden fake fraud democratic regime.

  2. We know why he wore the nazi uniform luicly a while back now, and why he got blasted for it too.
    And its because, somehow, somehow secretly, the Vatican made the Queen sign the Perth Act about 20 years ago now which allows a Catholic to marry the English Monarch for the first time in about 500 years and next step is to have their chdren Catholic and so the Commonwealth of Nations all under the Pope.
    How exactly they made her submit is the secret And just how so coincidentally Blair was a secret Cathic and now Johnson is the first openly Catholic PM in 500 years too. And the make the media kerp their traps shut about the most important historical acts of all and fill their inches with crap.

    • About 10 years ago. And why hidden away in Perth WA.? Perth being from German, not Scots really An ancient German rune stone.

      • The magical chalice offers re-birth and spiritual regeneration. A renewal of the whole self, leading to a new version of the same person. A raising of one’s morals and ethics.
        From Anglican to Catholic of the Vatican. Their advancement into correct morals.

  3. Harry’s Khazar family financed Hitler AND the Bolsheviks prior. They are “united” with the seed of the serpent, and are offspring of satan.

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