Ghislaine Maxwell Compares Her Jail Conditions To Hannibal Lecter’s In New Bail Request

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Hannibal Lecter Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell’s treatment in a New York jail “rivals scenes of Hannibal Lecter’s incarceration in the movie Silence of the Lambs, despite the absence of the cage and plastic face guard” according to her lawyer.

The British socialite and former girlfriend and alleged ‘madam’ of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, is awaiting trial on charges of sex trafficking.

With the trial drawsing close, lawyer, Bobbi Sternheim, made a last-ditch effort to secure Maxwell’s pretrial release on Wednesday, citing the “utterly inappropriate” prison conditions that Maxwell allegedly has to endure behind bars.

RT reports: Noting that Maxwell, 59, has “no criminal record or history of violence,” Sternheim said Epstein’s alleged co-conspirator, who has repeatedly protested her innocence, “has been subject to physical and emotional abuse by the correction officers.” The high-profile prisoner has been having trouble reviewing millions of pages of documents in preparation for her pending trial, being sleep-deprived and malnourished, the lawyer claimed.

In a striking comparison, Sternheim said that the constant monitoring to which Maxwell is subjected “rivals scenes of Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s incarceration as portrayed in the movie, ‘Silence of the Lambs’.” The cage and a plastic face guard which actor Anthony Hopkins wore in the 1991 psychological horror are the only things that are missing, the lawyer claimed.

Sternheim said that Maxwell has been effectively stripped of her client-attorney privilege, with at least one camera following her around the facility, including during meetings with counsel.

While Maxwell’s legal team has repeatedly asked the court to release the former socialite on multi-million-dollar bail, arguing that the prison conditions amounted to “torture,” the court has denied the request five times, most recently in June, over concerns that she could escape the country.

Sternheim, however, insisted that Maxwell was not a flight risk, and was eager to fight the case in the US court to “clear her name.” 

“There is no indication that she would attempt to flee given her personality profile and determination to be exonerated,” the lawyer said. Maxwell’s trial is set to kick off on November 29. She faces a slew of charges relating to Epstein’s sex-trafficking operation, including the sex trafficking of a minor.  


  1. Prove she’s in jail. They’re NEVER in jail. They go so far to act like they are that they even have agents acting as inmates to spread rumors that they saw them in there. Ask any real inmate in jail if they’ve ever actually seen ANY celebrity/politician/influencer in jail. The answer will always be ‘I heard they were in there but I never actually saw them personally’.

  2. Oh, boo, hoo, hoo…cry us a river, Ghislaine. I’m sure when you were a “madam” for Epstein the people that you trafficked for sex were saying things about you like “Ghislaine’s such a wonderful human being, I wish nothing but the best for her”. KARMA’S A BITCH, Ghislaine. You made your bed, now you can sleep AND ROT in it. Also, I DON’T feel sorry for you IN THE LEAST now that your Deep State “friends” are no longer protecting you. You really should have thought about your mess that you’re in now BACK BEFORE you did all of that horrible, illegal, evil stuff for your boyfriend Epstein, you stupid, horrid, vile, evil, cow (if you can’t tell, I REALLY don’t like you).

  3. She is just upset that her Mossad handlers have not spirited her off to Israel yet, like Jeffrey. Its coming no doubt. They also denied her any plea bargain which means if she decided too she cannot rat out the Clintons and rest of the “island” cabal.

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