GOP Lawmaker Joe Barton Apologizes For Leaked Nude Photo On Twitter

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Texas Congressman Joe Barton has apologized after the release of a sexually explicit photo which is now circulating online.

The graphic image was revealed by a Twitter user who claims to also have several videos of Barton masturbating.

The Twitter user censored the image, and revealed a sext reading, “I want u soo bad. Right now.”

Rep. Barton claimed that he is a victim of revenge porn and his spokeswoman said that he has no intention of stepping down over the scandal.

Press TV reports: US House Representative Barton said Wednesday that he wished he had used “better judgment” after the lewd photo surfaced the social media.

“While separated from my second wife, prior to the divorce, I had sexual relationships with other mature adult women,” Barton said in a statement Wednesday. “Each was consensual. Those relationships have ended. I am sorry I did not use better judgment during those days. I am sorry that I let my constituents down.”

The picture was shared by an anonymous Twitter account at a time that many are coming forward to accuse powerful figures of sexual misconduct.

The United States grapples with the sexual assault and harassment scandals that have left the world of entertainment, business and politics in a state of shock.

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