Gun Sales Surges Following Mass Shootings & Gun Control Threat

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American gun sales surge following mass shootings

Firearms sales in America have surged in the wake of shootings in Dayton and El Paso, and ahead of potential gun control legislation being enacted by the Trump administration.

Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner reports that gun shops are seeing a sharp uptick in business, particularly from first time buyers.

“While we have seen a measured rise in sale of certain tactical rifles and accessories this week, most customers are looking for concealed carry handguns,” said Justin Anderson, Marketing Director of Hyatt Guns in Charlotte, N.C.

“Just this week we have fielded hundreds of calls from people that have never purchased a gun before. Our concealed carry training classes are filling up quickly,” Anderson added.

“People are realizing that even a trip to Walmart isn’t safe these days and they want to be able to protect themselves.”

“Remember that nothing stops a lunatic bent on carnage better than a law abiding citizen with a gun. I continue to urge people to get a gun, get trained with that gun, and carry, always,” he said. reports: FBI Figures show another jump in purchases and background checks, with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System showing that 2019 is likely to be the second biggest year since 2016, when sales soared in anticipation of Hillary Clinton winning the election.

The figures show that there have been close to 16 million background checks in the first seven months of the year.

After President Trump said Monday that he was mulling legislation for stronger background checks, stocks of gun companies also surged, while the market more broadly slumped.

The Washington Post claims that Trump “has repeatedly told lawmakers and aides in private conversations that he is open to endorsing extensive background checks.”

The report claims that “the president has discussed with aides the idea of a Rose Garden bill-signing ceremony for gun-control legislation,” and states that Trump has also asked lawyers about what he could enact through an executive order.

Trump’s wavering on the issue has prompted a warning from the NRA.


  1. El Paso shooter had a manifesto that ranted on White supremacy and anti-semitism, along with a bunch of other leftwing causes, environmentalism, universal healthcare, population, anti-profit of evil corporations, all are direct copies of policies from the third Reich and justified and identified as policies of the national socialists… by none other than hit,er himself.

    Since we are socialists, we must necessarily also be antisemites because we want to fight against the very opposite: materialism and mammonism… How can you not be an antisemite, being a socialist!

    Adolf Hitler, “Why We Are Anti-Semites,” August 15, 1920 speech in Munich at the Hofbräuhaus. Translated from Vierteljahrshefte für Zeitgeschichte, 16. Jahrg., 4. H. (Oct., 1968), pp. 390-420. Edited by Carolyn Yeager. [4]

    Totalitarian leftists have a national socialism problem not the “right wing”…

    The totalitarian leftists are obsessed with pigeon holing everyone into their race and ethnicity categories.. “right wing” folks tend to be more accepting of individuals based on how they act, especially when it comes to law breaking, regardless of the color of their skin.

    Minorities are waking up to this and rejecting the totalitarian left in numbers that are leaving democmmies screaming almost as loudly as the last time they lost control over an entire race..

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