Uncle Joe: ‘Poor Kids Are Just as Bright and Talented as White Kids’

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Joe Biden says poor kids as just as bright as white kids

Former Vice President Joe Biden made another embarrassing gaffe on Thursday when, during a speech about racial inequality, he declared that “poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids.”

While addressing the Asian and Latino Coalition in Des Moines, Biden discussed the need to improve America’s education system.

“We should challenge these students, we should challenge students in these schools to have advanced placement programs in these schools,” the 2020 Democratic frontrunner said.

“We have this notion that somehow if you’re poor you cannot do it, poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

Breitbart.com reports: Biden quickly attempted to clarify his remarks by adding “wealthy kids, black kids, Asian kids” to the end of his previous sentence.

The gaffe comes just as Biden was moving past the recent controversy surrounding his praise of two segregationist Democrats, the late Sens. James Eastland (D-MS) and Herman Talmadge (D-GA). Biden invoked the men, who dedicated their careers to halting the progress of civil rights, at a fundraiser in New York City in June while touting his ability to get “things done” in Congress.

The remarks, which were controversial in their own right, only served to underscore his 40-year record of opposing busing to desegregate public schools. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) was quick to rebuke the former vice president over the issue at the first Democrat presidential debate, noting that both men had been allies in his campaign against busing.

“It was not only that, but you also worked with them to oppose busing,” Harris said at the debate. “There was a little girl in California who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools and she was bussed to school every day. That little girl was me. So I will tell you that on this subject, it cannot be an intellectual debate. … We have to take it seriously.”


  1. “Say It Ain’t So. Joe” followed that brain-fart with “There’s A Difference Between Truth & Fact”.

  2. And there you have it, a back handed insult from a racist. Proving that……….

    It is Democrats a.k.a. “Social Justice Warriors” who are the ultimate hypocrites & racists who label minorities, both black & brown, like me losers at birth because of the color of our skin, as if stamped on our foreheads.

    It is they who view us as inferior a.k.a. “LESS THAN” in every imaginable way simply because of the color of our skin. We are less intelligent, less industrious, less ingenious, etc. & in doing so, it is they who seek to destroy us from birth.

    It is they who will remind me, for the rest of my life, that I will forever be a victim of “white people”/“white privilege” & that they are responsible for any/all of my failures at any/every point in my life.

    They will repeatedly remind me that I am entitled to welfare, food stamps, affirmative action, etc. & that I will always be entitled to a free college education & job whether I am qualified or not thanks to quotas because of the color of my skin rather than because of my intelligence, qualifications, abilities, & talent.

    Truth be told, it is Democrats a.k.a. “Social Justice Warriors” who belittle, degrade, demoralize, insult, & victimize me on a daily basis!

    While my parents pushed me to get a good education, work hard, & reach for the stars with regard to what I could accomplish in life, Democrats a.k.a. “Social Justice Warriors” were telling me that the best I could hope for was government dependence thus I was destined to live on the Democratic Poverty Plantation where the government determines your worth (based on what they dole out), where you can afford to live, & what you can afford to buy.

    Tell me, what’s the difference between the Democratic Poverty Plantation & a Zoo????

    Democrats a.k.a. “Social Justice Warriors” claiming to be the champions of the poor, middle class, American working families, & minorities like me promise equality via “redistribution of wealth” a.k.a. “Socialism” from those they refer to as the “greedy rich” while they themselves continue to bend over backwards to provide them with the cheap labor/new customers they seek.

    Theft, redistribution from others does not replace all that the Democrats a.k.a. “Social Justice Warriors” have stolen from me. It does not replace my dignity, honor, integrity, pride, self-respect, self-confidence, self-esteem, etc. thus their idea of equality & mine are vastly different.

    In my opinion, it is simply a win-win for Democrats at the expense of others. Millions of loyal supporters (slaves) living on their Poverty Plantations, millions more from 3rd world nations they seek to add to the plantation, & the loyalty of the “greedy rich” who benefit most from the cheap labor (slaves) & new customers they seek, subsidized, of course, by our own taxpayers, including those they claim to champion (the poor/middle class).

    Make no mistake about it, it is Democrats who are absolutely dividing our citizens based on race & pitting us against each other.

    Without perpetual “victims” of their creation, robbed of their dignity, drive, determination, & ingenuity, there would be no need for Democrats a.k.a. “Social Justice Warriors”!

    • Nicely stated. I grew up in the south during absolute segregation and have been expecting some sort of racial equilibrium since then. But if loudmouths like Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters and the like continue to exploit race to serve their various agendas, it’ll never happen.

      • Those awful people don’t care about anything but themselves and they will do anything especially stand in the way of real racial harmony in order to keep their power.

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