Anonymous Hackers Hijack Islamic Call To Prayer With Porn Sounds

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Hackers hijacked a Turkish town’s speakers used for the Islamic "call to prayer" and replaced the holy message with sounds from a porn film.

Anonymous hackers hijacked a Turkish town’s stereo speakers normally used for the Islamic “call to prayer” and replaced the holy message with the explicit moans and groans of a hardcore porn film.

Muslims in Islamic countries are called to prayer five times a day. The call to prayer is heard at dawn, at the midday, mid-afternoon, just after sunset, and late at night.

Traditionally, the town “muezzin”, a man appointed to call to prayer, climbs the mineret of the mosque, and calls in all directions, in Arabic, “Hasten to prayer.” These days, it is usually a loud speaker that carries the message.

But instead of the usual call to prayer, the residents of Kastamonu, northern Turkey, were woken up by hardcore porn sounds at about 1am.

A witness recorded the stunt and a video of it has been posted it on YouTube: reported that the crude hack may have been accidental, and that municipal workers forgot to shut down the speaker system while watching a porn movie.

But the Mayor of the city, Tahsin Babas, claims that it was the work of “mischievous and immoral” pranksters who deliberately broke into the system. “This immoral and provocative broadcast was nothing to do with our institution,” he said.

We will take legal action as soon as we can against whoever was responsible for this immoral act. We can only apologise to our dear citizens for any offence caused by this incident,” he added.

Police are conducting an investigation into the incident but have already supported the Mayor’s claim that the system was hacked by someone. “They broke into the frequencies used by the municipal speaker which is why the sounds appeared in only one area,” said a police spokesman.

Anybody who can break into the frequency can broadcast anything they want. We have started an investigation.

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