Health Secretary Says Over-65s Could Be Banned From Public Spaces Without Covid Booster

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Javid covid booster jabs

The UK health secretary Sajid Javid says that he cannot rule out the possibility that people over-65 who have not had a covid booster jab could be denied access to public spaces, including public transport and restaurants, at some point.

Insisting that the Government was not looking at the measure just “yet”, Javid said he could not rule out the measure being introduced at a later date.

Javid made his comments during a Sky News interview on Wednesday when he was asked to react to the introduction of such a policy in France.

MSM reports: A Downing Street source later said the policy was not being actively pursued but added that the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic meant few potential measures could be ruled out.

The comments come amid a tussle between ministers and Tory backbenchers about the possibility of bringing in Covid passports. Boris Johnson announced plans for only those who have been twice jabbed to be allowed to enter venues with large crowds, but they are being held in reserve in case the Covid situation deteriorates.

Asked about France’s booster vaccines policy, Mr Javid said: “We’re not looking at that yet. We are very focused on our booster programme, as you would imagine.

“Over 10.6 million boosters, I think, throughout the UK so far already, a record number of bookings, many people coming forward.

“I think in due course we will have to look at what constitutes vaccination. But at this point, the most important thing is that anyone that’s eligible gets out there and gets their booster.”

Asked whether that meant the policy could be introduced in future, Mr Javid said: “I can’t rule that out. And I think that we know now that the vaccines do wane and it is important that those vaccines, where it’s necessary… that those people get a top-up. But I think it’s something that we have to keep under review.”

Booster jabs, a third Covid vaccine dose, are being offered to those aged over 50 or in vulnerable groups.

There has been concern in recent weeks that not enough people who are eligible are coming forward to claim their boosters, with uptake slower than for the first two doses of the Covid jabs.

People have to wait six months from their second dose before being allowed to take their booster jab, though the Government has tweaked the rules to make this easier in recent months.


  1. The definition of insanity is to keep trying the same failed methods and expecting different results. We are way past that point.

  2. they definitely want the older people to pass on. Anyone that is accepting social security, they want dead. I am not lying. That is the truth.
    Just think how happy the Federal Reserve Bank will be to hear that all the social security liabilities are no longer. What a relief , they will say.

    • They stole all the loot. But they won’t tell you that the loot was just to enslave the public. They hate us because God loves us. They’re losers. They’ll never win.

  3. 98% of those over 65 have the shot so I don`t THINK you will find a gaggle of geesers doing cheese wiss shuffle in public

  4. Strange how you create a government to “Protect” your freedom, only to have the people elected, acting like they own you and denying you your freedom. No wonder the founders did not like giving us a government in the U.S. and even warned of it’s dangerous nature…to take un-yielding POWER to subjugate others to their demonic whims!

  5. I wonder what will be the straw that broke the camels back will be, for the sheeple to roll out the guillotines like the French did?

  6. Hmmmm…”…denied access to public spaces…”. Restaurants are not public spaces, nor are supermarkets.
    Sidewalks, however, are a different story

  7. Sheeple have MUCH to be ashamed of these days. ANYBODY who can keep a goldfish in a bowl and a chicken outside in a coop is smart enough to ace a Microbiology class, which is PLENTY of facts and science to catch Faucifraud and Billkill at their lying. Two weeks of reading without the CPU or CFR television on should do it.

  8. Even though I’ve had NO faith in humankind since about age 14 (am 82 yo presently) I am still astounded at the absolute idiocy of billions of people with otherwise functional brains that could be herded into such an idiotic act as murdering THEMSELVES. And keep on doing it in the face of said billions already murdered by the process. It proves that human beings are little different than all other animals in nature that lack human faculties. ALL living creatures appear to be on the same intelligence levels as humans, including fleas and other vermin, EXCEPT that non human animals have sense enough not to commit suicide, thus the flea’s survival instinct is a tad above the human being’s.

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