Heidi Cruz Bombshell: “Ted Is An Immigrant”

Fact checked
Heidi Cruz says Ted is an immigrant

Heidi Cruz dropped a bombshell during an Indiana campaign trail on Saturday, saying that her husband Senator Ted Cruz “is an immigrant”. 

Ted is an immigrant. He is Hispanic,” Heidi Cruz said of her husband, an American citizen who renounced his Canadian citizenship even though he was born north of the American border. “He can unify this party.”

We have libertarians joining our cause. I have people every day from the Democrat Party telling me that they re-registered to vote for Ted as a Republican. Because they understand what he stands for, and he represents America.”

Washingtonexaminer.com reports:

Here is the audio of Mrs. Cruz comments in Indiana Saturday:

Here is a transcript:

We have been unifying this party. Five of those 17 candidates have endorsed our campaign. And different parts of the party. We’ve been unifying fiscal conservatives. Evangelicals. Young people. Do you know that Ted has been winning the millennial vote in state after state? He’s been winning the women’s vote in state after state. Ted is an immigrant. He is Hispanic. He can unify this party. We have libertarians joining our cause. I have people everyday from the Democrat party telling that they have re-registered to vote for Ted as a Republican because they understand what he stands for and he represents American values.

Asked later, a Cruz aide said Mrs. Cruz misspoke. “As she has in numerous speeches over and over, Heidi was referring to Ted as being the son of an immigrant,” said spokeswoman Catherine Frazier. “That is a story she shares repeatedly on the campaign trail. It is an integral part of his background and personal story, one which resonates with the millions of Americans who share a similar background, and that gives hope to those struggling to climb the economic ladder.”

Mrs. Cruz has had to discuss the issue of her husband’s birth before. In January, she appeared on a radio program in Iowa in which she was asked whether she is “sleeping with an immigrant.” Mrs. Cruz laughed and said, “There was a funny post on the Internet that the Canadians said, ‘Don’t worry, he’s 100 percent American.’ So I think that can partly settle the question.” She went on to explain that she believes her husband is a natural-born citizen constitutionally eligible to be president.