Sexual Transmission Of Zika Virus Reported in US

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The Zika virus is starting to sound more like the next Ebola or Aids….

A person in Texas has reportedly become infected with the virus after having sexual contact with an infected person

This alert issued by the world health organization had already put Zika in the same category of international concern as Ebola and Brazil’s top health official said on Monday that the outbreak was proving to be worse than first believed because most cases show no symptoms.

And today a case was confirmed in Dallas County, with the origin or transmission, according to the  CDC, being traced this time to sexual contact and not a mosquito. The person in question had not travelled to an infected area but their partner had reportedly returned from Venezuela.

NCBDFW reports: A person in Dallas County has been diagnosed with the Zika virus without traveling outside the U.S., becoming the first person to acquire the virus in the country, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The patient was infected through sexual contact, not through a mosquito bite, according to county health officials.

Dallas County Health and Human Services said the patient was infected after having sexual contact with an individual who developed symptoms after returning from Venezuela. The patient has not been identified and further information has not been shared. NBC 5 has confirmed, however, that the patient is not a pregnant woman and there is no risk to a developing fetus.

DCHHS said Tuesday that the CDC confirmed the Zika test and that the county health department confirmed the virus was transmitted sexually through a follow-up interview with the patient.

“A person who recently traveled to an area with Zika virus transmission returned to the United States and developed Zika-like symptoms. The person later tested positive for Zika, along with their sexual partner, who had not traveled to the area,” the CDC said in a statement.

The county confirms that there are no reports of the virus being spread locally by mosquitoes, though local transmission of the virus by mosquitoes is a possibility with the virus now known to be in North Texas.

The case is “significant” if it was definitely transmitted through sexual contact, Alaka Basu, a senior fellow for public health at the UN Foundation, told the BBC.

“This significance is parallel with the HIV/Aids case. It’s worse in some ways, because there are two modes of transmission.”


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