‘Woke’ NBA Players Kneel During 9/11 Ceremony

Fact checked
NBA players kneel during 9/11 ceremony

Overpaid, overprivileged, woke atheltes at the NBA knelt for the National Anthen during the anniversary of 9/11 on Friday.

The NBA on Friday paid tribute to the thousands of Americans who lost their lives on September 11.

However, the NBA players weren’t having any of it, and decided to kneel during the National Anthem.



  1. Next time you see some of these infantile shaved apes kneel before you, insist they spit shine your shoes.

    Why anyone pays good money to see these clowns jump around is a mystery.

  2. The word going around now is “Get woke, Go Broke.” None of these men know what sacrifice for their country is, but most Americans do.

    • BLM Blacks hate the US constitution and they especially hate all law enforcement.

      Why would they sacrifice anything for a constitution they hate?

      The same could be said for all leftist.

      The ideal solution is to segregate pro-constitution people from anti-constitution people, where the anti-constitution people are all Democrat and Neocon parasites.

  3. Ratings say the season’s dead.

    Those overpaid poooooor oppressed multi-millionaire gladiators may soon be out of a job!

    Hey kids in the ghettos and projects that planned on being professional athletes, better make another career choice!!

  4. Another disgrace The Bush s 9/11 charade and than the prostitution of the murdered victims as human sacrifice to be ” honoured ” not avenged by the truth .And now insulted by racists too .

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