Jealous Joe: Trump ‘Accidentally’ Making Peace Between Israel and Arab States

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Joe Biden says Trump peace deal between Israel and Arab states is an accident

Joe Biden is so bitter about President Trump’s achievements in the Middle East that he is now claiming the peace deal between Israel and several Arab states is an “accident.”

“I think Trump is going to accidentally do something positive here, in terms of this issue of … other Arab states” making peace and establishing normal relations with Israel, Biden told a fundraiser hosted by the far-left J Street organization.

Biden’s main argument was that Trump had “put Israel in danger,” despite the historic peace deals, because he had withdrawn from the Iran nuclear deal, and the Iranian regime was enriching uranium. reports: However, an intelligence trove seized by Israel and revealed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2018 showed that Iran had never intended to suspend its nuclear program. The deal allowed it to resume its work after roughly a decade.

Democrats struggled Friday to downplay the news that the Trump administration had brokered yet another peace agreement between Israel and an Arab nation — in this case, Bahrain.

It was only the latest success, as Breitbart News noted:

First there was the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which is establishing “full normalization” with the Jewish state, and will formalize an agreement at the White House later this month.

Then there was Kosovo, which is establishing relations with Israel and putting an embassy in Jerusalem under the terms of a deal brokered by the Trump administration last week.

Then Chad, a majority-Muslim nation, announced earlier this week that it will be putting an embassy in Jerusalem. Saudi Arabia announced that it will allow Israeli commercial flights above its airspace — not just to Dubai, but to all eastbound destinations.

The Palestinian Authority tried to convince the Arab League to denounce the UAE’s peace deal. The Arab League refused to do so.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) described the news about Bahrain as a “distraction” for the Trump administration that allowed it to ignore the continued impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Liberal pundit Matthew Yglesias tweeted: “It’s kind of hilarious that Jared [Kushner] has f*cked up all kinds of things but has in fact successfully brokered diplomatic breakthroughs in the Arab-Israeli conflict.”

He predicted that the country was nonetheless “on course for a pointless conflict with Iran.”


  1. Here is the Trump formula to middle east peace: Open up your high tech military industrial complex weapons for sales to countries that have not been permitted to buy them for good reason. Countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, etc… Then make it clear to them the purchase of the weapons is on the stipulation that you sign a “treaty” that recognizes Israel as a country, with Jerusalem as their one and only capital, before the sales of Lockheed F-35s with Raytheon weapon systems installed commences. Guaranteed path to middle east peace. In essence, recognize the existence of Israel and you get weapons of mass destruction to use against all of your Shiite Muslim neighbors. Peace is virtually guaranteed!

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