Helping Russia In Ukraine War Would Be A “Historic Mistake” NATO Chief Warns China

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NATO chief

NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg has told China to halt its “growing alignment” with Russia.

Stoltenberg warned that “any provision of lethal aid by China to Russia would be a historic mistake with profound implications.”

Infowars reports: Speaking after the conclusion of a NATO foreign ministers meeting in Brussels on Wednesday, Stoltenberg sounded the alarm over Moscow’s friendly ties with the People’s Republic, insisting Beijing could soon offer weapons to Russia despite its repeated confirmation that it has no plans to do so.

“China refuses to condemn Russia’s aggression… And it props up Russia’s economy,” he claimed, adding “Allies have been clear that any provision of lethal aid by China to Russia would be a historic mistake, with profound implications.”

While the NATO head did not elaborate on the “implications,” Washington has previously threatened to respond to military support for Russia, while the US Treasury has already moved ahead with sanctions for several China-based companies accused of supplying parts for drones allegedly used by Moscow’s forces.

Beijing has repeatedly denied it intends to supply weapons to Moscow, insisting it is “completely objective” toward the conflict while accusing US officials of spreading “disinformation” on the matter. Russia, too, has denied previous reports that it requested Chinese military equipment.

The two countries have nonetheless stepped up relations over the last year, with Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping vowing to “further deepen military mutual trust” after talks at the Kremlin last month. However, Putin has since stated that Russia is “not creating any military alliance with China,” despite their “cooperation in the sphere of military-technical interaction.”

Stoltenberg went on to say that the alliance had agreed to create a “strategic multi-year assistance program” for Kiev. He voiced hopes that the project would “increase Ukraine’s interoperability with NATO, and to bring it up to NATO standards,” as well as assist the country “on its path to Euro-Atlantic integration.”

During a press briefing after the first day of discussions in Brussels on Tuesday, Stoltenberg was asked when Kiev would be admitted into the bloc, but could not provide an answer, merely saying that NATO’s “position on membership is unchanged.” While the alliance first offered a seat to Ukraine back in 2008, it appears little progress has been made in the 15 years since, with one unnamed Western diplomat recently telling the Financial Times that NATO is simply “ignoring” Kiev’s membership application.


  1. JenSStoltenberg seems to become an even bigger “useful idiot” by threatening China…

    The western/NATO plan must be the eradication of the whole of Europe and the death of USA?
    How long do we let them destroy the world and humanity?!

  2. Mote of nutos gobbledeegook.Typical diplomatic chicaneryThey know Japan is buying Russian oil at prices above what nuto has decide Russia is “allowed” to be paid
    They know all sorts of things they aren’t deeming to be in the pubics interests. They’re just playing the role news wanchors.

  3. Yeah, I’m sure big, strong China is afraid of that stinking Homosexual CORPSE that calls itself America!

  4. Helping the Ukraine is a mistake.
    This is just a central bankers operation to waste resource on war, death, and destruction, and gain more control.

  5. RUSSIA/CHINA worth over 700 trillion amwrcan worth 90 trillion and failing.if china want lights out lights out america is dover rover dollar worthless at 30cent on the $ and fallin fast end of summer sellout and mexico takeover by AMERICANNoss

  6. The defeat of Zelensky in Ukraine will mean the beginning of the end for the Democrats and the Republicans.

  7. This nato cheif sounds like a femenist, he’s projecting the fact that the West cannot defend itself against russsia/China, as we’ve given nearly all of our munitions to ukraine plus the yanks can’t recruit as 70% of Americans are either too fat or are on head meds it’s nearly as bad in the European countries. It’s to be hoped they don’t form a mimiltary alliance and march over Europe and america as at this time there’s not much the West could do about at this point

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