THE MASK SLIPS: Kamala Harris Endorses Marxism Two Days Before Election

Fact checked
Kamala Harris endorses marxism just days before the US election

Kamala Harris’ mask has finally slipped.

Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris endorsed Marxism with just two days to go until Election Day.

Trump was right when he said “Kamala Harris makes crazy Bernie look like a moderate.”

On Sunday, Biden’s VP pick embraced Marxism, saying: “Equitable treatment means we all end up in the same place.”.

“Equality and equity are not the same thing,” Harris said. reports: Kamala Harris said that equality is not enough because “not everybody’s starting out from the same place.”

“Equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place,” she said.

This is literal Communism.


Even liberals were shocked by Kamala Harris’s in-your-face endorsement of Marxism.

Other shocked Twitter users responded to Kamala Harris.


    • Former black-eyed child, apparently. I have a bad feeling that thing will be the US prezident by about June of next year.

  1. Catholics theology is that we are all family under a Pope and Mother Virgin Mary Superior Children are taught to share and not be selfish ,but mana and Papa don’t let the kiddies into their wallets or jewellery boxes.

  2. TRUE OR FALSE: “‘Equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place,’ she [Kamala Harris] said. This is literal Communism.”

    FALSE (and fake news to boot), BECAUSE (1) otherwise Toronto, Canada is a communist city, which it isn’t, for advocating this goal:

    “The City of Toronto will implement positive changes in its workforce and communities to achieve access and equality of outcomes for all residents and to create a harmonious environment free from discrimination, harassment and hate.” (Per City of Toronto, “Equity, Diversity & Inclusion”.)

    And BECAUSE (2) “In reality, Marx eschewed the entire concept of equality as abstract and bourgeois in nature, focusing his analysis on more concrete issues such as opposition to exploitation based on economic and materialist logic. … In Marxist theory, communism is based on a principle whereby access to goods and services is based on free and open access (often referred to as distribution based on one’s needs in the literature); Marx stressed free access to the articles of consumption. The ‘equality’ in a communist society is thus not about total equality or equality of outcome, but about equal and free access to the articles of consumption. Marx argued that free access to consumption would enable individuals to overcome alienation.” (Per Wikipedia, “Equality of outcome: Conflation with communism, Marxism, and socialism”.)

      • E. Grogan, 7 hours ago: “You are citing Donald F. Busky, Democratic Socialism: A Global Survey. Praeger, 2000, and David Ramsay Steele, From Marx to Mises: Post Capitalist Society and the Challenge of Economic Calculation. Open Court, 1999 – as a source for Wikipedia? Are you kidding me????” ✔✔✔

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